The inevitable voyeuristic desire record “Golden Sneer” allows you to watch the noble being defiled | 4 Gamers

The short story “Golden Sneer” with blonde hair and big breasts has been released recently. It focuses on the theme of the dirty princess noble knight, and has a unique flavor with the author’s unique voyeuristic location. Although it is a short work, it has a tight structure that is not often seen in other short works, which is quite remarkable.

This is the first work of the author “ぬこ魔神” to recover the theme of yellow and big breasts. In his self-introduction, the author said that he likes CG themes such as blonde hair, big breasts, and expressionless Most of his previous works are structured around these core contents, and be paired with robots, scientists and other occupations suitable for non-expression. Quite remarkable content.

However, for most players in the Chinese circle, the previous work “Red-haired Ghost” may be a more familiar work “ぬこ魔神”. the main character still makes many players full of admiration and word of mouth is excellent.


“Golden Sneer” follows the global scene of “Red-haired Ghost”. The heroine “Lucrezia (ルクレツィア・ハートヴァーン)” is not only a “Knight Princess” with beauty and sword skills, she is also a real princess. With long light golden hair, a fat body without a hint of fat, and a mysterious smile that is always silent but hidden in sadness, she has become a goddess worshiped by all her subjects.

The main character is a guard soldier led by Lucrezia. As an ordinary soldier, there is no possibility of a close relationship with the noble princess. He can only admire the beauty of the princess in daily training.

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However, one day, General Abol (アボル), who relied on his power to operate his position, appeared on the training ground, and approached the princess’s knight abnormally. Everything makes the male protagonist restlessly thinking about what happened in the room he can’t step into.

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The game structure of this work is very simple. As a guard, the player needs to complete the daily continuous combat and defense missions. At the end of the day, the general’s contribution for the day will be calculated according to the player’s clearance . As long as the general’s contribution reaches the threshold, the H event of the next stage will be unlocked.

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Since the main character is just a soldier of the civilian class, the main character has no chance at all to kiss the knight Ji Fangze himself. All the H events in this work include the main character peeking at what happened in the general’s room, or include the event that happened last night in the main character’s mind when he watched Ji Knight in the training ground the next day.

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Due to the complete separation of the H content into two parts of voyeurism and delusion, this work has a strong sense of immersion. In the process of voyeurism, HCG will perform from the point of view of a voyeuristic third party throughout the process.

As an ordinary soldier, the protagonist, although he has feelings for Ji Knight, does not dare to have any unreasonable thoughts about Ji Knight, so he can only stand outside the door in shock and cannot stop to watch Ji Ji serve that disgusting Apol, and finally Watch Apol dirty all the pure Ji knights, but it is completely powerless.

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But even though Ji Qiqi suffered this insult, she still kept a mysterious half smile all the time, and those things that happened at night would leave a gap in the door, as if deliberately inviting someone to come and see, as if she Under control, anti-religious Apol and the male protagonist are even more unable to free themselves.

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However, after all, the hero has nothing to do with Ji Qiqi, so these H contents cannot be called NTR, but the sense of powerlessness and disillusionment in the H incident is still creates a strong sense of immorality.

The player witnesses all this through the eyes of the male protagonist, and reassembles in his mind the clips he saw outside the door last night together with the male protagonist on the training ground the next day into a delusion an incomparably clear eroticism that has never been seen. with his own eyes, a high pole.

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Although this work is a short work, there are still two endings to explore. Players can understand how this great event happened and ended, which is worth watching.

Be it the previous work or this work, the heroines have very strong personalities. For them, their chastity is something that can be abandoned for a greater goal. Waiting for an opportunity to fight back, I think this is an important part of the charm of this series.

Currently, the author has stated on the crowdfunding page that he plans to continue making sequels from Ji Knight’s perspective, and is looking forward to tasting the author’s deep observation of human desires from another angle in the future .

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