The initial plan for the GTA series was a game where dinosaurs destroy cities.

▲ GTA Episode 1 cover (image source: Rockstar Games official website)

Rockstar Games’ flagship GTA is one of the most successful series in the gaming industry. However, the beginning of the GTA series was not smooth, and the story was released that the initial plan was a technology demo where dinosaurs destroyed the city and became a hot topic.

Colin Macdonald, producer of GTA 2, released in 1999 and who joined the development team during the production of the first title in the series, gave an interview to the British BBC to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, revealing’ r early development process for the first title in the GTA series. He joined DMA Design, Rockstar North’s predecessor, around the time development of the first game was almost complete.

According to interviews, the beginning of GTA was a technical experiment invented by Mike Dailly, the programmer of the first title. At the time, Daley came up with a way to give a sense of perspective by looking down on the building in 3D. Regarding this, after the interview was published on the 29th (UK local standard), Daily explained through his Twitter that the initial C code framework is based on a dinosaur game, so it is called dinosaur (dinosaur) .

An early version of GTA based on this technology was a game where dinosaurs roamed around and destroyed buildings in a 3D city. After that, we added a moving car to add life to the city, and the idea came out that it would be more fun to control a car than a dinosaur. That’s how the dinosaur game became a car driving game called ‘Race ‘n’ Chase’, and in the process, another plan came out that would be more fun if the gamer got out of the car and get into another car. gameplay established.

However, the game itself was significantly different from the initial plan, and development faced difficulties. The whole process was completely different from the beginning, and there were many bugs and frequent crashes. In the process, the production team found a way to implement it, iterated on it, and introduced a new direction for the game. Through polishing (the process of polishing the game before release), skid marks, shadows, sound effects, and radio broadcasts were added to bring the city to life.

The first GTA work was released on November 28, 1997 after 3 years and 6 months of development after twists and turns. Internally, it did not receive positive reviews, but contrary to concerns, the game became a box office hit. According to investor presentation data released by Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two in November this year, cumulative sales of the GTA series were 385 million copies and GTA 5 170 million copies. Considering that the Call of Duty series has sold 425 million copies and the FIFA series has sold 325 million copies, it has become an undeniably world-class game series.

Currently, Rockstar Games is working on the latest installment in the GTA series. In September, a major event occurred where 90 gameplay videos of the next GTA game were leaked in advance, and Rockstar Games explained that the leak would not affect development and release.


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