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“The inside is rotten and scorched”… Kim Yeon-kyung’s advice after rumors of discord with IBK

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‘It looks gorgeous and good on the outside, but it’s scorched on the inside’ This is a post by Kim Yeon-kyung on social media last night (22nd). It is interpreted as a recent post about internal disputes with the IBK team in women’s volleyball. Coach Sani Kim, who took over as the manager after the manager was sacked, confessed that “I was insulted in front of the players” ahead of today’s game.

Reporter Sang-hyeok Moon tells what happened to this team.


< KGC인삼공사 3:0 IBK기업은행|V-리그 (지난 12일) >

Setter Sophomore bounces off a high ball, but blocks the opponent foreseeable.

This was repeated throughout the game.

[서남원/전 IBK 기업은행 감독 : 웬만하면 (오버) 토스해. 왜 자꾸 언더 (토스) 해]

[조송화/IBK 기업은행 : 미스요.]

Song-Hwa Cho, who was substituted after conceding 7 points without scoring, left the team the next day without permission.

[김사니/IBK기업은행 감독대행 : 인삼공사전이 끝나고 다음 날 훈련을 했습니다. 조송화 세터와 감독님의 트러블이 있었습니다.]

Song-hwa Cho returned to the club after one day and won his first win in the opening eight games with his teammates. The next day, he left the team again, and this time coach Sani Kim also left the team.

[김사니/IBK기업은행 감독대행 : 저는 이탈을 하지 않았고 감독님께 정중히 인사드렸고 구단에도 사의 표시를 하고 나갔다는 걸…]

As for the reason for leaving the team, coach Kim confessed that there was abusive language.

[김사니/IBK기업은행 감독대행 : 모든 선수와 모든 스태프 앞에서 저에게 화를 내시면서, 네가 책임지고 나가라… 입에 담을 수 없는 모욕과 그런 부분 때문에 더 이상 지도를 할 수 있을까 하는 생각에…]

In a situation where conflicts within the team were out of control, the club’s response angered the fans.

Only the manager and the general manager were fired and the players who left the team were left. It is true that there was a conflict, but instead of talking, the player left the team and he was the victim.

Moreover, today, ibk requested the Korean Volleyball Federation, KOVO, to voluntarily terminate Cho Songhwa, but it was rejected.

[장경민/한국배구연맹 홍보팀장 : 선수가 구단한테 서면으로 먼저 임의해지 요청을 해야 하는데… (서면요청서를) 첨부를 안 하고…]

The IBK, which raised high expectations for this season thanks to the Tokyo Olympic stars such as Kim Hee-jin and Kim Su-ji, is last in the league with only one win.

As the situation continues to twist, Kim Yeon-kyung’s bitter voice, “I think it’s time for everyone to change,” comes painfully.

(Video graphic: Han Young-joo / Intern reporter: Oh Se-woon)

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