The Intel Arc A380 graphics card is installed with a 15-year-old zero-noise radiator, and the result can be called “custom”! |T Kebang

Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 is cooler from 15 years ago, how would it work with today’s Intel Arc A380 graphics card?

Accelero S1 was nicknamed “Barbecue Grill” back then. It has a windless and noiseless design, it has four heat pipes and large area thick all-aluminum fins. at that time, and it also supports external supporters.

Back then, it was based on GeForce 8/9 and Radeon HD 3000 series graphics cards.

Someone tried to install it on an Intel Arc A380 graphics card, and found it to fit perfectly, without any modification, adapter or special bracket, and it was installed directly.

I don’t know whether to feel that the design of the radiator is advanced, or that the design of the Intel graphics card is too considerate.

Arc A380 graphics card power consumption is only 75W. There is no pressure to use this radiator to cope with, but there is no test data yet.

Arc A380 can actually be made into a fanless and silent graphics card, but it hasn’t been seen.

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