The ‘invisible hand’ behind Kim Sani’s growing suspicions

Is there an ‘invisible hand’ that looks after Kim Sa-ni as the acting supervisor of IBK Industrial Bank? Despite the fact that the protests and conspiracy against former director Seo Nam-won are being revealed, voices of doubting the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of acting Kim Sa-ni are growing. It is the view that it is impossible to continue pushing forward Kim, who is full of flaws, unless there is a strong support group to support acting Kim Sani.

IBK announced on the 27th that it would appoint an emotional vice-president as the new general manager, which was vacant, and start normalizing the team. He also announced that he would take reasonable measures after the appointment of a new manager was completed for acting Kim, who caused controversy after leaving the team without permission with captain Jo Song-hwa.

However, acting Kim said in an official interview that day, “I did not leave without permission. He resigned and was negotiating with the club. (Seo Nam-won) I said hello to the manager and left the club as well.” He said, “It’s difficult to say (I won’t take) sanctions because the club says it is.”

picture explanationSani Kim Acting supervising IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. Photo = Reporter Cheon Jeong-hwan

Before the match against Heungkuk Life on the 23rd, he said to himself, “I heard that the club has sanctions, and I have to accept it and I think it’s natural,” but he changed his position after four days.

He claimed that he suffered abusive language from former director Seo Nam-won on the grounds of his trespassing, but he suddenly closed his mouth as the situation escalated due to the truth workshop. “I decided that the team should come first,” he said, stating that he would remain silent on this issue until the end of the season in April next year. It is to frame former director Nam-won Seo, who is still in good shape, as a bad person and get away with it.

IBK, which is supposed to settle this controversy, has not taken any action against Acting Kim’s lies and conspiracy behavior. Earlier this month, when the infighting within the team over the trespassing of acting Kim and Jo Song-hwa became known, he shifted the responsibility only to coach Seo Nam-won and was fired, and strangely, he is giving strength only to acting Kim.

If it had been a normal professional club, they would not have made the decision to re-accept the coaching staff who left the team during the season or to promote them to acting manager. The club thoroughly sided with acting Kim, and this trend is still being maintained.

In this incident, the parent company, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, suffered a fatal injury to its image. Never since the bank’s founding has its name been so full of negative news. If you want to normalize the team, it is a commonsense procedure to exclude acting Kim, who is a party to the controversy, from running the club in the future.

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picture explanationVolleyball fans held a truck protest in front of the Hwaseong Gymnasium on the 27th. Photo = MK Sports

However, acting Kim suggested that he would remain as a coach even after the appointment of a new manager. The IBK club clearly stated that acting Kim’s future plans depend on the intention of the new commander. He emphasized that he would give the coaching staff sculpting rights to the new coach, but acting Kim himself said, “I think I will remain on the team as a coach.” He has no intention of leaving IBK, and on the contrary, the club has no intention of letting Kim go.

At this point, there is no choice but to send a reasonable suspicion that there is an invisible hand protecting Acting Kim within the parent company or the club. Even as volleyball players openly voice criticism and fans’ anger skyrocketed, IBK is shutting its ears. It is the IBK team that is blocking the normalization of women’s volleyball.

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