The iPhone 14 series will get an “all-new design”

According to new information, the iPhone 14 series will have a “completely new design”. Apple has changed something in the design when it comes to the iPhone 13. A lot of people probably wouldn’t have noticed when we were talking about the slightly deepening of the front flaps as well as the slightly narrowing. But now we have received information that the iPhone 14 series will be a complete turnaround in design!

It has long been speculated that the iPhone 14 will drop the lid completely and instead work from the hole in the display for the front-facing camera. This is new to Apple, but has been used by several Android competitors for a longer period of time. It now appears that Apple may be able to completely redesign the iPhone 14 series when a well-known analyst has said:

“Small changes this year also mean that Apple’s engineers are working behind the scenes on bigger things that will take more time. With iPhone 14, you can expect new entry-level and Pro models and a complete redesign.”

Whether this will eventually become true remains to be seen, but I believe and hope for it!

Mark Gurman says he’ll launch the iPhone 14 next year with a “complete redesign.”

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