The iPhone welcomes the first major update of the year! Apple announces the launch of iOS 16.3 next week – Free Electronic News Technology 3C

Apple is expected to roll out the iOS 16.3 update next week. (Photo / Flipping the Internet)

The iPhone is about to introduce its first major update this year. With the debut of the second generation HomePod, Apple has announced that it will launch iOS 16.3 next week, which is the third major update of iOS 16.

Overall, the update rate of iOS 16.3 will not be much more than that of iOS 16.2. The expected new features include Apple ID security key, SOS emergency operation adjustment, iOS error report, HomePod switching prompt, etc.

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In addition, iOS 16 has been launched for 4 months so far, and it has received many small and big updates, but Apple fans complain that there are still many bugs, so compared to new features , iOS 16.3 focuses more on fixes, such as flashing green lines on the screen and smart home system crashes And other issues are expected to be resolved in iOS 16.3.

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