The Iranian government strongly suppresses protest demonstration as an “enemy plot” and fear of repression | Reuters

Iran’s army has said it will “stand up against the machinations of the enemy” behind protests over women wearing headscarves. With the authorities issuing stronger warnings than ever before, it could lead to clashes similar to past demonstrations. People take part in a demonstration organized by the government in the capital Tehran on the same day.

[ドバイ 23日 ロイター] – In Iran, where protests against wearing scarves covering women’s hair continue, government-backed demonstrations were held on the 23rd to counter these protests, and the army said the “enemy conspiracy” was behind the protests has been maintained. ,” he said. With the authorities issuing stronger warnings than ever before, it could lead to a conflict similar to past demonstrations.

Mahsa Amini, 22, died in the Iranian capital, Tehran, after falling unconscious in the middle of a month after being arrested for wearing the compulsory “hijab” hair covering for women. The protests have sparked protests in many places, including Amini’s home province of Kurdistan.

Iran’s military said on Thursday that the protests were “a heinous strategy by the enemy to undermine Iran’s Islamic regime” and “countered the enemy’s machinations to ensure security and peace”. Demonstrators organized by the government to counter a series of protests accused anti-government demonstrators of being “agents of Israel”. “Death to America,” “Death to Israel,” and “Death to the Quran.”

Anti-government protests have intensified, with police stations and cars on fire in Tehran and other cities. The local media reported that 288 people had been arrested on the 22nd.

Under these circumstances, the authorities have limited access to the Internet. According to Internet watchdog group Netblox, mobile internet has been cut off for the third time. Meanwhile, access to the websites of central banks, government agencies and others has been blocked in recent days.

Protests have also taken place in Spain, Greece, Canada and the Netherlands, and the ripples of Amini’s death have spread beyond the country.

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