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The Jockey Club expelled Li Zhiying, Martin Lee, and Junren Ho from membership and refused to be handed over to the agent | Position Report | Position News

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club issued a notice earlier this month announcing the immediate termination of the membership of 14 members, including the founder of Next Media, Li Zhiying and the former vice chairman of the stake, He Chunyan, who were sentenced to organize and participate in the previous year 8.18 without approval. Assembling the founding chairman of the Democratic Party, Martin Lee, who was sentenced to probation. The Ma Club refused to explain the reasons on the grounds of personal privacy.

The notice was issued on the 2nd of this month. In addition to Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee and Chun Yan Ho, the members who were also delisted included Ou Weiting, the former president of the North Kowloon Lions Club, and Wu Jiezhong, the former executive director of “Hong Kong Foreign Exchange”. The announcement was issued by Jockey Club member, Executive Director of Marketing Strategy and Brand Affairs, Yan Hongmin, and represented by Steven Tan, Director of Member Affairs.

The Jockey Club issued a notice on the 2nd of this month announcing the expulsion of a group of members.

“Always strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the club in handling membership matters

The Jockey Club did not explain the reasons for the expulsion of membership in the notice. “Stance News” asked the Jockey Club and responded that based on personal privacy considerations, the Jockey Club would not comment or provide any information on individual membership issues. Any information about individual members. The Jockey Club claimed that the club has a complete set of club charters and has been strictly following the provisions and procedures set out in the club charter in handling membership matters, and the regulations apply to all members.

According to the Jockey Club website, the Jockey Club currently has approximately 9,100 racing members. To apply for membership of the Jockey Club, it must be nominated by an Honorary Director, Honorary Selected Member or Selected Member of the Jockey Club based in Hong Kong. The membership application form for racing membership is also provided by the nominator. The list of Honorary Directors, Honorary Selected Members and Selected Members of the Jockey Club was just updated at the beginning of this month.

The Jockey Club stipulates that members who nominate, secondarily and support membership applicants must be familiar with the applicant and be satisfied with their integrity before supporting the applicant’s membership application. The board of directors has the absolute discretion to decide whether the membership application is successful or not, and the board of directors has the right to reject the application without providing reasons or explanations for its decision.

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