The key to the movie “Hello, Brother” is postponed to watch the comedy in Chongyang.

Directed by Zhang Luan,Ma Li, Chang Yuan and Wei Xiang lead the castthe film stars Jia Bing, Huang Yuntong, Han Yanbo, Zhang Yiming, Hao Pengfei, Li Yining, Li Taoyao, Liu Yuqiao, Zhang Jiawen and Lv NingBro, hello“The key was extended to October 29, and the feature film “My Mom and Dad Loves Sweet” was released. A love song sings the sweet love between parents, and the plain but happy daily life is envied. To match With the Ninth Double Festival, the movie “Hello, Brother” lets you lose time and space in laughter and tell you and my love in my heart. The movie “Hello, Brother” is popular throughout the country

In the movie “Hello, Brother” released today“Mom and dad are in love“In the feature film, Xiao Wu (Chang Yuan) travels through time and space to help his parents, Da Liu (Ma Li) and Lao Wu (Wei Xiang), who are on their first date. The first love song recalls the strong friendship between Da Liu and Lao Wu, and makes the two who are about to part romantically dance together. The happy picture, the true sweet and touching feelings between each other deeply touched countless netizens. The movie “Hello, Brother” protects the true feelings with happiness, and brings the touching emotions in your heart and my heart to the family Experience in scenes of the joy of warm friendship, let the audience watch a light comedy at the 99th Double Ninth Festival, let the longing go through the years, and let love go with the family for a long time. On the 2nd of the month, relying on his own tongue of speech, achieved a contrarian rise at the box office, and the surprise continued!

The movie “Hello, Brother” is produced by Wanda Pictures (Hainan) Co., Ltd., Mokexing Pictures (Haikou) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guanyu Pictures (Beijing) Co. , Ltd., Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. Company, Mo Kexing Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Zebra Pictures Co., Ltd., Shanghai Maoyan Pictures Co., Ltd., Wanda Pictures (Horgos) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jing Exclamation Mark Culture Media Co., Ltd., Television Animation Group Limited Co., Ltd., Xi’an Qiaosong Media Culture Co., Ltd., Mokexing Zhizuo Media Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Nanjing Shiquan Culture Media Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Guangying Interactive Entertainment Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Shangfeng Film and TV Media Co., Ltd., Yingju Skyline Pictures (Beijing) Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Yuxing Pictures Co., Ltd., Jebsen China Television Network Ju (Changzhou) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Yunnan Yinghong Pictures ( Group) Co., Ltd., Grand Cultural Ceremony Industry Investment Management Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianmu Xingying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Chengdu Dongjiangyuan Entertainment Co., Ltd., and Beijing Happy Amusement Culture Co., Ltd. produced.

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