The king crab came to the table and was shocked to see a large number of “parasite eggs”, the scalp was numb, and the checkout left

Recently, someone went to a restaurant and spent nearly 10,000 Taiwan dollars (about 2,800 Hong Kong dollars) to eat raw king crabs. They thought they would see fresh and tender crab meat on the table, but they did not know that they saw a large number of suspected parasite eggs, covering the whole piece of crab meat. Her scalp was numb, and she bluntly said, “I just lost my appetite when I met her,” she checked out in seconds and left!

Spending nearly 10,000 yuan to eat king crabs on the table, I was shocked to see a large number of “parasite eggs”, my scalp was numb, and I checked out and left

Recently, a Taiwanese woman posted a post on the Facebook group “Explosive Waste Commune”, sharing her recent dining experience, saying that she spent nearly 10,000 Taiwan dollars (about 2,800 Hong Kong dollars) in the restaurant to eat king crab, and she expected it to be sweet and tender. However, after serving the table, I saw that my face was covered with “parasite eggs”, and I was really “a little scared to see it.”

(Image source: Facebook group “Explosion and Waste Commune”)

Netizens shouted horror after seeing the photos, and bluntly said that they suffered from intense phobia. They all said “goosebumps after seeing the photos”, “should let the store staff eat and see for themselves”, and accused the restaurant of poor food quality management. The victim then responded that the situation was reported to the restaurant at the moment, but the restaurant staff did not say anything else after looking at it, nor did they offer any discounts to apologize.

(Image source: Facebook group “Explosion and Waste Commune”)

A netizen who claimed to work in a seafood store said that in the process of handling king crabs, these black spots will be removed to prevent diners from losing their appetite.

Another netizen said that these “parasitic eggs” are really crab slaves. They are barnacles that are parasitic on crabs. They absorb nutrients from crabs. With the loss of nutrients from crabs, they can be eaten immediately after being cooked. It will still become poor, and the meat will become dry and hard. You can pay more attention when eating or buying.



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