“The King of Fighters XV” season 2 DLC character “Jin Jiafan” released on 4/4, scheduled for the free summer update “Gonitz” “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV”

SNK announced that the fighting game “The King of Fighters XV (The King of Fighters XV)” (PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / PC) will release the second season 2 DLC character “Jin Jiafan” on April 4, And it is scheduled to release the DLC character “Gonitz” for free in the summer.

The DLC character “Jin Jiafan” is scheduled to launch on April 4th (Tuesday)!

In the second season of “The King of Fighters XV”, following the first DLC character “Yabuki Shingo”, the second “Jin Jiafan” will finally join the battle!

Experience his colorful aerial stunts and high performance jump attacks to the max.

The DLC character “Gonitz” will be released for free this summer.

“King of Fighters ’96”, the boss character of “King of Fighters ’96”, the third time in the “King of Fighters” series, will join the battle in “King of Fighters XV” soon! Stay tuned!

In the second season of “The King of Fighters XV”, 7 DLC characters will appear!

After Yabuki Shingo and Kim Kar-fan, “Sylvie Bora Bora”, “Gonitz (free)” and “Najid” have decided to join the battle this summer, and 2 other characters! The “Fighters Pass”, which includes all DLC characters from Season 2, is now on sale.

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【Summary of DLC character “Kim Jiafan”】

  • release date
    April 4, 2023
  • Product List / Price
    The King of Fighters XV DLC Character “Jin Jiafan”
    1 DLC character / NT$180 / HK$46
  • King of Fighters XV Fighter Pass
    The King of Fighters XV DLC character pack “Yabuki Shingo” + “Jin Jiafan” + “Sylvie Bora Bora” + “Najid” + “???” + “???” (6 characters DLC) / NT$890 / HK$238



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