The Lakers get 4 days and 3 games. James has a sore left ankle and is doubtful to play tomorrow – yqqlm

Original title: Finally able to rest? Lakers 4 days 3 games A sore ankle left James questionable for tomorrow

On January 18, Beijing time, the Lakers will play against the Kings at home tomorrow. The team’s injury report shows that James is doubtful due to a sore left ankle. In addition, thick eyebrows, Rivers and Lonnie Walker will remain absent.

In the last two games, James played back to back scoring 35 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists, 48 ​​points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists, breaking his personal scoring record in the season.

Currently, several injured Lakers have no specific return time. Nongmei has missed 16 consecutive games due to a left foot strain injury, Rivers has missed 6 consecutive games due to a left hamstring strain, and Lonnie Walker has missed 6 games in a row due to left knee tendon Yan has missed 9 games in a row.

Earlier today, Ming Kee Shams revealed that Thick Eyebrow plans to make a comeback before the All-Star Game in early February. At the same time, coach Hamm said the results of the Walker and Rivers review will be announced in the next few days.

So far, the Lakers have 20 wins and 24 losses, ranked 13th in the West, and their record is only better than the Spurs and Rockets. However, the gap in the wins between teams in the Western Conference is very small. The difference between the Lakers who are in 13th place and the Warriors who are 7th is only 2 games.

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