The Lakers’ Potential Lineup Changes for Next Season: Embracing ‘Thick Eyebrows’ and Bodyguards

The Lakers’ Potential Lineup Changes for Next Season

Los Angeles Lakers’ team reporter Jevon Buha recently discussed possible rotation changes for the upcoming season. Buha highlighted three potential adjustments for the team. Firstly, he suggested that Japanese forward Rui Hachimura could replace Jared Vanderbilt as a regular starting player. Secondly, the Lakers’ newly acquired player Jaxson Hayes may partner with Anthony Davis to form a dominant frontcourt duo in the starting lineup. Lastly, teenage talent Max Christie could enter the rotation and contribute to Coach Hamm’s tactical system.

Buha predicts that the Lakers’ starting lineup for next season will likely consist of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Reeves, Hachimura, and Hayes. The bench, on the other hand, might include players like Russell, Vincent Te, Vanderbilt, Christie, Reddish, and Taurean Prince.

This speculation aligns with the Lakers’ performance improvement as they made significant changes to their lineup last season. Their journey from being stuck in the lottery zone to reaching the Western Conference Finals can be attributed to these personnel adjustments.

The Lakers’ Improved Shooting and Ingenuity

The Lakers struggled with shooting at the beginning of last season, and their lack of depth in the guard position affected the team’s overall balance. However, the addition of players like Rui Hachimura, Russell, and the development of Reeves addressed these issues. These adjustments greatly enhanced the team’s weaknesses and boosted their performance.

To maintain offensive and defensive balance, Coach Hamm might consider replacing Vanderbilt with Hachimura in the starting lineup. Although Hachimura might not have the same rebounding prowess as Vanderbilt, his offensive versatility, longer shooting range, and more consistent shooting ability make him a valuable asset. Additionally, Hachimura’s ability to switch positions depending on the team’s needs is highly valued by Coach Hamm.

Protecting Anthony Davis’ Health

An ongoing concern for the Lakers is Anthony Davis’ fluctuating health and frequent injuries. To safeguard Davis’ elite performance and minimize the risk of injury, the Lakers should learn from their championship-winning strategy by adding an inside bodyguard. Hence, their acquisition of Hayes this summer becomes crucial. Hayes, with his size advantage over Vanderbilt, improves the team’s shot-blocking ability and enhances their defensive presence.

While Hayes may lack experience and emotional control compared to veterans like Howard and McGee, his physical attributes are reminiscent of the aforementioned players. Utilizing Hayes properly could potentially provide the much-needed protection for Davis.

The Fierce Battle for the Last Starting Spot

With Hachimura and Hayes potentially joining the starting lineup, the competition for the final spot will intensify. Reeves seems to be the favorite for this position, considering his contributions as the Lakers’ third scorer last season. Furthermore, Reeves’ inclusion in the United States men’s basketball team’s roster for the upcoming World Cup solidifies his status in the NBA circle.

In retrospect, the Lakers’ starting lineup during their championship-winning season in 2020 consisted of Howard (or McGee), LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Danny Green, and Pope. Therefore, a potential future lineup featuring Hayes, LeBron, Hachimura, and Reeves would closely resemble that victorious season’s composition.

As the Lakers gear up for the upcoming season, these rumored lineup changes provide excitement and anticipation among fans and pundits alike. The team’s focus on improving shooting, protecting Davis, and maintaining a competitive starting five reflects their commitment to securing another championship.


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Original title: The Lakers will change their minds next season, looking for thick eyebrows and bodyguards to follow the example of the championship season?

Earlier today, Lakers and team reporter Jevon Buha wrote an article about the Lakers rotation for next season.

In the article, Buha highlighted three possible changes in the Zijin Army. First of all, he believes that Japanese forward Rui Hachimura could replace Jared Vanderbilt as the Lakers’ regular starter.

Second, the new insider Jaxson Hayes introduced by the Lakers this summer can form a twin inside tower with Big Eyebrow in the new season and appear in the starting lineup together.

Third, teenager Max Christie may enter the rotation next season and become a new pawn in coach Hamm’s tactical system.

According to Buha’s prediction, the Lakers’ list for next season will probably be the five James, Big Eyebrow, Reeves, Hachimura and Hayes, and the bench includes Russell, Vincent Te, Vanderbilt, Christie and Reddish and Taurean Prince.

Buha’s predictions are clearly on track. At the end of last season, after the Lakers restructured the line, they achieved a visible performance improvement. From being stuck in the lottery zone in the middle of the season, to grabbing tickets to the playoffs at the end of the regular season, and then all the way to the Western Conference Finals. The transformation of the state of the Lakers is mainly due to their adjustment of personnel.

At the start of last season, the Lakers were one of the worst shooting teams in the league, and the team’s central guard problem also seriously affected the size of the team. But later, the addition of Rui Hachimura, Russell and others, and the growth of Reeves, have greatly improved the shortcomings of the Zijin Army.

This summer, the Lakers will continue to strengthen the lineup similar to last season (considering size and shooting) In the future, letting Rui Hachimura replace Van der Biao in the starting lineup can also balance offensive abilities and defensive. Zijin army to a greater extent. Although Rui Hachimura is a small forward and his rebounding strength is slightly inferior to that of Van der Biao, he has more offensive methods, longer range, and a relatively more stable shot. He can mainly play the third position, and can also switch to inside when the team needs him. Without a doubt, all these qualities are highly valued by Coach Hamm.

Of course, after Van der Biao sits on the bench, the Lakers are not going to focus on a mobile lineup of one big and four small. In the past three years, the Lakers still have an obvious problem, that is, Brother Nongmei’s health fluctuates too much and his injuries are too frequent. Therefore, in order to avoid injury to the thick brow as much as possible, let him retain his elite fighting power as much as possible. The Lakers should learn from the successful experience of winning the championship in the park season again, and equip Big Eyebrow with a bodyguard inside.

It was precisely because of this consideration that the Lakers signed Hayes at a low price this summer. In terms of size, Hayes has a clear advantage over Vanderbilt, and his addition also greatly improves the Lakers’ ability to defend the basket. When the Lakers won the championship in 2020, two veterans, Howard and McGee, helped the thick eyebrows. Back then, the two veterans shared the heavy responsibility of the thick eyebrows with a large number of blocks, rebounds and inside defense fixed point.

Compared to Howard and McGee, Hayes is much younger, and his shortcomings are his experience and emotional control. But in terms of body shape, Hayes is very similar to the two Xuanming elders at that time, so if Coach Hamm uses properly, Hayes may be able to play the role of a bodyguard with thick eyebrows.

Of course, after Rui Hachimura and Hayes start, because Zhan Mei’s position is unbelievable, the competition for the Lakers’ last starting spot will be extremely fierce. Looking at it now, Reeves is of course most likely to enter the starting five in the future. After all, Reeves was already the No. 3 head of the Lakers last season. Later in the season, especially in the playoffs, he even played the role of the main striker in several rounds.

This summer, Reeves was selected to the 12-man roster of the United States men’s basketball team for the World Cup, which undoubtedly further enhanced his status in the NBA circle. In addition, compared to the lineup in the park period in 2020, the starting lineup of the Lakers at that time was Howard (or McGee) + Lao Zhan + thick eyebrows + Danny Green and Pope. Therefore, if Reeves takes the No. 2 position in the starting lineup in the future, let Lao Zhan take the role of organizer with peace of mind, the shape of the new lineup Hayes + Zhanmei + Hachimura + Reeves is also the most similar to the season victorious. (Poirot) Return to Sohu to see more


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