The lampshade is broken! ‘Jadet’ catches ‘Piyabutr’ lying in the middle of the council unlocks local clues ‘Kamnan and Village Headman’ hits full

“Jadet” holds a lie.

30 November 2022 – Mr. Jadet Insawang, member of Parliament, discussing the draft constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand. Amendment (No ..) BE …. where Mr Juangrongrunkit Chairman of the Progress Board with 76,591 people who voted as presenters that proposed amendments to the constitution are not new but copy the contents of the constitution However, in the proposed draft amendment by the additional section 4, the Cabinet (Cabinet) made a plan to cancel the provincial government, which means village heads, village heads, district heads. So the principal was not true. But speak up to avoid losing support. It was later arranged to hold a referendum to cancel the provincial government. However, it is known that Section 4 did not pass the hearing under Section 77 of the Constitution.

Jadet discusses that further The draft of the constitutional amendment was not unlocked. But copied to write beautifully and elegantly By looking at the implications of the proposal to raise the trend to create a campaign like Some senators said it was an extreme idea, through the soil, through the gas, through the palace, without benefiting the people. who copied section 6, if it is expanded, the government can do its best and seriously But it must be based on practicality, knowledge of the time, maturity and timeliness.

Noted Mr. Chadet Phaphai that amending the constitution on local government would encourage people to break the constitution or not. Because on November 26, Mr Phitha Limcharoenrat List MP and leader of the Progressive Party Noting that if the government cancels the provincial government Elect a provincial governor and members of the Kao Klai Party proposed a completely new constitution By establishing the Constituent Assembly and today Mr. Mr Thanathorn and Piyabutr proposed a constitutional amendment I am surprised that consistency is so mysterious.

“This draft constitution is unacceptable. because there is a conflict of interest and a breach of at least 5 sections of the constitution, namely section 1 on the division of the royal family If the areas are free in many forms, including Article 2 on democratic government with the King as Head of State, Article 5 certifies the Constitution as the supreme law. Any provision or act that is contradictory or inconsistent is invalid Section 77 listens to the opinion of the people. I have already said that the issue of the dissolution of provincial government was not heard, and Section 255 deals with the prohibition of constitutional amendments having effect, the form of the state So what he did was to support those who were violating the constitution or not,” Cadet said.

Then Mr Phitha Limcharoenrat a list of MPs and the leader of the party I would like to use my right to be accused of denying the allegations of Mr. Jadet. that is not true and he confirmed that there was no intention to cancel the government We have always made it clear that this issue requires a referendum to ask the people first.

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