The large Weir-Vicky family celebrating their children’s 1st birthday.

a young actor Sukolwat Weir be a lovera dogOriginally, there were 3 dogs who were already raising them before giving birth to 3 other puppies, and recently a new member, 2 months old, is Nong Metta Nil from Siam. come together asa big family

The latest (11 August 2022) on occasion1 year anniversary of those 3 puppiesWeirRaised in this event, there is also a family photo shoot. Keep it as a souvenir with a young woman. Vicky Pemonya join this frame

By Weir captioned it, “Happy 1 Year Old BD to WanWan GoodGood ChomPoo. Thank you for completing our family. Way, Bat (Mia Way), Dumrong (Way’s younger brother) and Goo. D – Wan – Chompoo (Way’s children).. . Guess who’s who? From left to right, 6 characters.”

Vicky said, “Happy Birthday to our lovely boys” (Happy Birthday to our lovely boys).

Ploy Sapphire’s mom Young Weir’s mom also said, “HBD for all boys Has GoodGood improved his eating habits?”

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