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The largest prostitution in Busan with 200,000 members… Court officials are responsible for financing

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Court officials and gangsters shared crackdown information and were caught by the police while running more than 90 prostitution establishments.

They recruited men through Busan’s largest prostitution advertising site with 200,000 members.

Correspondent Yuna Kim.

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Police raid an officetel in Busan.

Police: What time did you make a reservation here today?

Prostitution owner: Today at 5 o’clock…

Evidence of prostitution is coming out of trash cans, and disposable toothbrushes are plentiful.

In another officetel, a prostitute was caught waiting for a customer.


“What’s your name… Bring your ID.”

Twenty-seven men, including men in their 30s who were arrested by the police, operated 95 prostitution establishments in Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam.

He arranged for prostitution over 8,800 times and earned 700 million won worth.

Among the members of the party are incumbent court level 9 civil servants.

This public official participated in the prostitution brokerage process by sharing the profits with a fund of 20 million won.

[최해영/부산경찰청 강력2계장]

“The court officials received funds from prostitutes even during working hours and notified the accomplices that the money came in, and they committed the crime together…”

In addition, the gang also formed an alliance between establishments in partnership with gangsters to share crackdown information, imprisoned and sexually assaulted women in prostitution establishments so that they could not escape.

In addition, the men who bought sex were collected through the largest prostitution information site in the metropolitan area, but the party that operated the site was also caught by the police.

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The police also arrested 7 people, including the site operator, and booked about 120 people, including 38 male prostitutes.

This is Kim Yuna from MBC News.

Video coverage: Lee Bo-moon (Busan) / Screen provided by: Busan National Police Agency

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