The Last 5 Games Performance: Liverpool and Aston Villa in Premier League

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Team Performance in Recent Games


  • 27/08/23: Newcastle United (away) – Premier League – Result: Draw
  • 19/08/23: Bournemouth (home) – Premier League – Result: Liverpool 3-1
  • 13/08/23: Chelsea (away) – Premier League – Result: Draw (1-1)
  • 08/08/23: Darmstadt (friendly) – Result: Liverpool 3-1
  • 02/08/23: Bayern Munich (friendly) – Result: Loss (3-4)

Aston Villa

  • 27/08/23: Burnley (away) – Premier League – Result: To be played
  • 23/08/23: Hibernian (away) – UEFA Europa Conference League – Result: Aston Villa 5-0
  • 20/08/23: Everton (home) – Premier League – Result: Aston Villa 4-0
  • 12/08/23: Newcastle (away) – Premier League – Result: Loss (1-5)
  • 06/08/23: Valencia (friendly) – Result: Aston Villa 2-1

Head-to-Head Statistics

  • 20/05/23: Liverpool vs Aston Villa – Result: Draw
  • 27/12/22: Aston Villa vs Liverpool – Result: Aston Villa Win
  • 11/05/22: Aston Villa vs Liverpool – Result: Aston Villa Win
  • 11/12/21: Liverpool vs Aston Villa – Result: Liverpool Win
  • 10/04/21: Liverpool vs Aston Villa – Result: Liverpool Win

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The performance of the last 5 games


27/08/23 away to Newcastle United (away) Premier League 19/08/23 Bournemouth 3-1 (home) Premier League 13/08/23 Always Chelsea 1-1 (away ) Premier League 08/08 /23 won Darmstadt 3 -1 friendly (midfield) 02/08/23 lost to Bayern Munich 3-4 (midfield) friendly

Aston Villa

27/08/23 met Burnley (away) Premier League 23/08/23 beat Hibernian 5-0 (away) UEFA Europa Conference League 20/08/23 won F Everton 4-0 (home) Premier League 12/ 08/23 defeat Newcastle 1-5 (away) Premier League 06/08/23 Valencia 2-1 (away) friendly

Statistics of the two teams meeting

20/05/23 Liverpool draw Aston Villa (Premier League) 27/12/22 Aston Villa defeat Liverpool (Premier League) 11/05/22 Aston Villa defeat Liverpool (Premier League) 11/12/21 Liverpool win A Stan Villa (Premier League) 10/04/21 Liverpool beat Aston Villa (Premier League)

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