The last road as seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey, Queen Report Goodbye

The only Korean media coverage in front of the temple… Seeing the tears of the mourners who stayed all night
Hundreds of VIPs sit on messy chairs and wait for a long time… The king and the crowd waiting for the bus
A funeral procession at the height of royal majesty and splendor… Criticism of ‘The economy is difficult but too much’

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history for 70 years, left on the 19th (local time) to remove millions of mourners.

Those who stood guarding the road through London and the Queen’s funeral procession at Windsor Castle said their final goodbyes to the Queen and wiped away their tears.

Yonhap News is the only Korean media outlet approved to cover the funeral, and among several areas of coverage, it was placed closest to Westminster Abbey except for relay television.

This is where the western entrance was directly visible.

It was a cold early autumn morning in London, but the sun was scorching hot by the end of the funeral.

Just after midday, the Queen’s coffin was carefully placed on top of the green carriage, as she made her final journey to Windsor Castle.

[르포]'Goodbye Queen' Last seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey (Comprehensive)

142 navy sailors pulling gun carriages raised their heads to pose, and eight guards who carried coffins came to the seats in the procession and wore tall black hats.

At 12:19 pm, the military band began to play a magnificent performance, and the queen’s coffin began to move.

From the far right, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward stood side by side in order of the Queen’s four children, followed by Charles III’s two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry the back row.

Neither Prince Andrew, who was removed from his military posts for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor, nor Prince Harry, who left the royal family, wore military uniforms.

The spectacular funeral procession, attended by around 3,000 soldiers and more than 1 km long, showed respect for the queen, who was respected and loved until the end, while also showing the greatness and power of a family British royalty.

[르포]'Goodbye Queen' Last seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey (Comprehensive)

The soldiers made every movement of putting on and taking off their hats according to high orders and procedures, and even the horses were in perfect harmony except for one or two horses shaking their heads.

It was unfamiliar and interesting at the same time as watching a play, with objects, clothes, and formalities that were hundreds of years old, almost obsessively maintained.

As the yellow and red coffin covered with a crown moved slowly, the large jewel in the Queen’s Imperial State Crown shone in the sunlight.

The name of a reporter from a conservative British newspaper next to him was engraved on his chest.

[르포]'Goodbye Queen' Last seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey (Comprehensive)

The funeral is at 11 am, but the area around Westminster was already full of mourners at 6:40 am that day.

The city of London announced at 9:20 am that the main area where you can see the funeral procession was full, and that it was difficult to get into the front of Buckingham Palace at 8 am

Amidst this, when I went to the front of Westminster Abbey, the broadcasting area, this morning, security was tight and the way to access was difficult.

London was in crisis for an unprecedented event where around 500 world leaders and royalty from the US and France gathered, including President Yoon Seok-yeol.

[르포]'Goodbye Queen' Last seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey (Comprehensive)

In the end, it took almost 40 minutes to arrive after showing the comment pass more than 6 times and doing all the tricks.

It seems that the mourners around Westminster arrived and set up at least before sunrise that day.

Because of this there was a long line for the toilet on the nearby underpass.

Samantha, 44, sitting on the high chin of the building opposite the Winston Churchill statue in front of the Palace of Westminster, said, “Yesterday I stood in line for 11 hours and worshiped in the Queen’s Pavilion at 11pm and came here and stayed all night. “It was fine at night, but it’s a bit cold now.”

“I heard the news that she was dying, but I didn’t feel it, so I went to Balmoral Castle to check on her,” said the emergency room nurse in Portsmouth, two hours from London.

Near Westminster Abbey, a media center was installed in the Queen Elizabeth Center on a narrow two-lane street.

In front of it, there is a three-tier temporary media stand, the top two tiers are for broadcasting, and the lower pens and around 50 photographers from British and foreign media are set up.

After going through a brief bag check and entering the media center, I received another blue ticket to enter the media stand.

This is because additional identification is required for security reasons.

[르포]'Goodbye Queen' Last seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey (Comprehensive)

We were lucky to have British reporters standing next to the stand, and we talked about setting several alarms in case we were late and woke up.

After 8 am, buses started moving back and forth carrying funeral mourners, and at 9:24 am, the temple bell rang every minute.

Then, the heads of state arrived before 10 am, and the royal family of each country and former and current British prime ministers entered.

In addition to President Biden, who came in the ‘Beast’, a bespoke limousine, President Yoon Seok-yeol and French President Emmanuel Macron entered the North Gate, not the West Gate.

The North Gate was quite far from the media stand and mourners gathered outside the entrance waiting to enter, so it seemed difficult to capture even with a telephoto lens camera of photographers.

Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, the Queen’s great-grandchildren and Prince William’s children, also arrived with their mother, Prince Kate.

Looking up at Westminster Abbey during the funeral, it was surprising to see that hundreds of key figures had gathered inside the building and were made to sit in messy chairs for an hour before the ceremony.

Given this strictness, it was difficult to say that the cost was noisy.

However, on the day of the funeral, the surrounding buildings did not look ordinary when I remembered the reports of snipers being used at key moments.

Towards the end of the funeral, the British national anthem, ‘God Save the King’, was heard from inside the mosque.

News emerged that Charles III appeared to be feeling emotional after breaking up with his mother.

[르포]'Goodbye Queen' Last seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey (Comprehensive)

One of the naval enlisted soldiers waiting outside, as if exhausted and fallen, was supported out of the ranks and went out.

He soon recovered, but he had a sad expression on his face as he was absent from the event.

After the Queen’s funeral procession left, mourners came out of the temple and waited a long time for the bus to return to it.

Among them was the King of Spain.

Returning to the media centre, a large screen conveyed the movement of the funeral procession.

As I continued to watch the procession pass the 5km long walk in front of Windsor Castle and St George’s Chapel ceremonies, I felt myself being sucked in, and I felt that the royal family is the soul of England, the being that binds the British.

When two of the Queen’s Welsh Corgi dogs were shown on screen to meet the funeral procession, reporters working in the media center suddenly responded, “Oh!”

[르포]'Goodbye Queen' Last seen from the broadcast area in front of Westminster Abbey (Comprehensive)

As I left the media center and arrived at Vauxhall Metro Station, I remembered a homeless man begging in front.

The British people, who are deeply troubled by the rising prices of electricity and gas, wondered what they would think tomorrow after the Queen’s funeral.

When I asked a reporter from a major British newspaper I met with a media stand covering the funeral, when he thought the coronation of King Charles III would take place, he joked, “Oh my God, it seems that I would not have done that. to do the coronation if that is the case.” “There are a lot of angry Britons,” he said.

“It’s like propaganda for the regime,” he said, shaking his head.

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