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´The late Lee Chi-hoon, who was born in the Ulzzang era, re-examines the letter he left behind…

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The mother of the late Lee Chi-hoon from the ‘Ulzzang Era’ passed away with her son on the 29th. On this day, on Lee Chi-hoon’s official Instagram, along with a picture of the hat’s portrait, a short article was posted, “On a sunny day at 2:00 pm on October 29, Chi-hoon took me on the way to meet my brother”, commemorating the two hats.

The author said, “Now, all we can do is pray with all our heart so that the two of us can meet and be happy in their respective religions.” Please pray,” he added. In particular, this commemorative phrase was quoted from a will letter left by Chi-Hoon Lee’s mother during his lifetime, so it was even more special.

In fact, the mother of the deceased, who passed away on the 25th, left a letter to her son while he was still alive. Chi-hoon Lee’s mother has been running her son’s Instagram instead of him after his son’s death, and in April, he wrote, “I would like to finish a letter to you for a year as of today.”

In the article, he said, “How did you endure? How did you survive? You must know all the letters your mother wrote, your mother’s steps, and your mother’s tears. A son who passed away at the age of 32 and became his mother’s baby again. I love you and I love you.”

Meanwhile, Lee Chi-hoon died suddenly on March 19 of last year from acute sepsis. The deceased, who had been diagnosed with lymphadenitis the day before, suddenly developed high fever and vomiting, and was diagnosed with bacterial encephalitis and died on the 19th. Chi-hoon Lee’s mother passed away on the 25th after making a donation in her son’s name for a year.

Reporter Lee Ji-soo of Digital News Team


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