The late rally comes up shortly as LSU loses the foundation of the series to Georgia LSU

ATHENS, Ga. LSU added a rally late on Sunday evening, but the No. 7 Tigers up short against No.

LSU dropped the final game of the 9-7 weekend at Foley Field.

The plate was unsuccessful for most of the series, LSU (17-7, 4-2 SEC) scored four races in the eighth, ending the run before Georgia (21-3, 5-1) ) understand the game.

Some of the LSU baseball players have spent hundreds of dollars and tireless hours on ping pong.

Eric Walker set up a large slam during his five innings on the mound, and the LSU 6-1 traffic entered the eighth inning. Josh Smith met leadoff home, the second of the year. Then sacrifice was cut by Chris Reid who cuts half of Georgia.

Daniel Cabrera launched a two-run home to complete the Tiger. The runner up was at the LSU, which went into the game round .140 (8 out of 57) against the Bulldogs, the first and the second soon.

But Brandt Broussard and Brock Mathis were flying out.

Devin Fontenot, a pirate who did not allow the 11 last run, was placed on the bottom of the eighth. After a leadoff walk was issued, Fontenot put an end to his first domestic run of the season.

Two people later, he gave up another. LSU fell behind four run.

The Tigers loaded the coins in the ninth inning. Cabrera drove with a single. Another score on score. Brandt Broussard walked to the plate and the tires were still loaded and two of them, but he put it out, finishing the game and scoring the LSU.

Henry Henry continued with a series of quality transformations, but LS 7 LSU lost the second game of a weekend series against No.

Zack Hess was in charge of LSU No. 7 to gain victory over No.

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