The latest entry in the series “Quick Fight Whirlwind 6” is released today! A joint limited-time limited-time event will start at the same time “Street Fighter 6”

CAPCOM announces, “Hurricane“The latest work in the series”Hurricane 6“officially released today on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X platforms | S and Steam.

To commemorate the release of this game, the official released the release promotional video starring the well-known rapper Lil Wayne. Interested players can watch this dynamic video that opens a new page for the fighting game.

Release a promotional video

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In addition to the “Battlefield” which inherits the traditional battle combat, this work also includes the new “World Tour” realistic single-player story mode and the “Battle Lobby” mode which can communicate with players around the world.

In addition, this work breaks the barriers of command input, introduces the “modern operation” of the nirvana button or the auxiliary button, and just press the automatic attack button, and the character will automatically use it back the distance and position from the opponent “Dynamic handling” actions. Whether you are a beginner or have not played for a long time,”Hurricane“Players can enjoy the passion and excitement of the battle.

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In addition, in addition to legendary fighters such as Long and Chunli, including new characters such as Lily and Marisa who appeared in this game, a total of 18 characters can be used from the start of the game. There are plans to add additional characters after the release. Come and enjoy fighting with various characters!

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To allow players to enjoy this game for a longer period of time, we plan to change the items that are released when certain conditions are met each season. Stay tuned for follow-up news!

and”Hurricane 6》Network connection service
“Buckler’s Boot Camp (BBC)” is also in service today!

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A collection that allows players to enjoy “Hurricane 6“, the network link service “Buckler’s Boot Camp” also started operating today. When logging into the game, to allow players to enjoy the game more in terms of battles, adventures and communication, whether it is their own game records or an opponent , friends or fight clubs, position information, etc., is equipped with a device that can connect to the game and view related information Function.

In addition, it is intended to release the latest news such as in-game events, rewards and updates at any time. Use the BBC to enrich soldiers’ lives!

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In addition, it is planned to establish a column as well, which will publish the movements and costumes of each character, game tips, and the developers’ production secrets!

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Not only that, but also the “Pocket” mini game is here! Take a break during battles to train and grow a cute character!

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Based on the meaning of President Buckler, this website adopts the policy of “progress through appreciation”. Come and register as a member, let’s sweat like rain together!

※ To use the game multiplier content, players need to use “Hurricane 6》Exclusive online content and login to the joint riding web service “Buckler’s Boot Camp (BBC)”.

【Limited time】Collection with Onitsuka Tiger starts now! Get in-game rewards!

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A collaboration with the sports brand “Onitsuka Tiger” starts now!

During the event, players who log into the game will receive a total of 4 T-shirts or sneakers that can be worn by the avatar and other cross-linked items!

  • Release period: June 2 (Friday) to July 1 (Saturday), 2023



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