The latest symptoms “Commander of the 4th Army Region” from the helicopter crash Anutin leaves a message of encouragement

event progress”helicopter“Black Hawk of the 4th Army Area with Lt. Gen. Kriengkrai Srirak Commander of the 4th Region and military personnel The Internal Security Operations Command Region 4 Front Division (ISOC Region 4 Front), a total of 7 people, fell in the middle of a rubber plantation belonging to villagers, Village No. 1, Ban Khlong Yo, Wang Yai Subdistrict, Thepha District, Songkhla Province, according to presented the news earlier.

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– Progress, “Helicopter” SUT 4 crashes in Thepha district, blocking the area not to enter Clear the area for 2-3 days.

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– Urgent. Military “helicopter” crashes in Songkhla. Initially hurt 6

As a result of the incident, 7 people were injured, one of which was Lt. Gen. Kriengkrai SrirakCommander of the 4th Region“It was found that the right hip bone was broken. internal bleeding before being taken to Songkhla Nakarin Hospital by the same day Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health came to visit the injured

Most recently, on July 16, 2022 at 1.15 am, Mr. Anutin revealed that Lt. Gen. Kriengkrai Received good care from the medical team The surgery is now complete. out in the recovery room He was in good spirits, could smile and laugh softly. It was expected that he would have to stay at the hospital for at least three weeks. By the time he reached the recovery room, he did not speak, he could not speak, but he was able to shake the hand of the visitor now. He has also visited And all of them had been reported to him. When he said that everyone had good morale, he smiled.

Reporters reported that yesterday, after Mr. Anutin arrive at the hospital and can not meet Lieutenant General Kriengkrai Due to the surgery, Mr. Anutin left a message of encouragement stating that “Received the news and immediately came to visit Krieng. Everyone was very worried. But I believe that Krieng will be safe. Get well soon.”

(Signature: Anutin Charnvirakul No. Wor Por. 61)


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