The latest typhoon track, the Meteorological Department announced that there is not much rain in the Northeast. heavy rain in the south

meteorological department Publication No. 12″a typhoon” at 10:00 am today (October 20, 2022) Tropical Storm Nesat The southern part of Hainan Island The center is about 190 Kilometers east of Dong Hoi town Vietnam Or at latitude 17.6 degrees north, longitude 108.4 degrees east, the highest sustained wind speed near the center is about 65 kilometer per hour. moving west with a speed of about 10 kilometers per hour

a stormThis is likely to have weakened.depressionIn the next phase it will move ashore in upper Vietnam tomorrow (21 October 2022) and then weaken to an intense low pressure cell. make the east side ofNortheastThere will be some light rain in some places.

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Additionally, during 20-22 October 2022, the monsoon trough lies across the south central region. Additionally, an intense low pressure cell covers the central Andaman Sea. while the southwesterly wind prevailing over the upper Andaman Sea is strong. causing heavy to very heavy rain in the South The upper Andaman Sea has wave heights of 2-3 metres, and an area with thunderstorms has wave heights of more than 3 metres, while the lower Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand have wave height of 1-2 meters.

People in the southern region should be aware of the risk of heavy to very heavy rain and accumulated rain. This can also cause flash floods and flash floods. On the south-west coast, beware of strong winds hitting the shore. The sailors were wary of the dangers of navigation and avoided sailing in thunderstorms. Small boats in the Andaman Sea should remain ashore until 22 October 2022.

Ask the public to follow the announcement from the meteorological department and can follow the information on the website of the Meteorological Department Or call the weather forecast 1182 24 hours a day Published on October 20, 2022 at 11 :00 am Meteorological Department. The next edition will be published at 5:00 PM.


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