The launching ceremony of Wenshan Prefecture’s 2022 Social Science and Publicity Week was held

  Original title: The launching ceremony of Wenshan Prefecture’s 2022 Social Science and Publicity Week was held

On May 18, the launching ceremony of Wenshan Prefecture’s 2022 Social Science and Publicity Week was held at the “Xichou Spirit” Exhibition Hall in Xichou County.

Social science popularization and publicity is a basic work and an important part of the development of social sciences. In recent years, the prefecture’s social science system has thoroughly implemented the “Yunnan Province Social Science Popularization Regulations”, coordinated the popularization of popular science weeks and normalized social science popularization, and extensively carried out social science popularization and volunteer service actions in the new era of civilized practice, striving to build “Yunling” “Grand Lecture Hall · Wenshan Lecture”, provincial social science popularization and base, WeChat public account and other social science brands, among which “Yunling Lecture Hall · Wenshan Lecture” will give 12 lectures in 2021, with an audience of more than 5,400 people; Wenshan City New Era Civilization Practice Society The “Party History Everyday School Seven O’clock Classroom” Civilized Practice Volunteer Service Project of the Popular Science and Volunteer Service Team launched a total of 217 high-quality courses in 7 forms, including Party History Learning and Education Reading Club, Red Classic Reading, and Red Movies; The province’s first rural party branch – Sajialong” was named as a provincial social science popularization and demonstration base, and the number of provincial social science popularization and demonstration bases in the prefecture increased to 9, ranking third in the province. The development of a series of activities has effectively promoted the state’s social science popularization and work, and the social science popularization and strength have been further strengthened.

This year is the third social science and publicity week after the promulgation and implementation of the “Yunnan Provincial Regulations on Social Science Popularization”. Our prefecture will strengthen the penetration of green thinking in the whole society through in-depth and lasting series of ecological popularization and publicity activities, firmly establish the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, awaken the public’s ecological awareness and environmental protection awareness, and guide the masses to care for their homes and the environment. , unremittingly promote the construction of “thousand-mile greenways and thousands of miles of flower belts”, create beautiful Wenshan, green Wenshan, and forest Wenshan, continuously improve the “green content” of Wenshan’s development, and set off an upsurge in the state’s people to actively practice the mainstream values ​​of ecological civilization. At the same time, adhere to the organic combination of key social science popularization and activities with normalized social science popularization and activities, and effectively go deep into the grassroots and the masses, so that social science knowledge can be integrated into people’s life, school life and corporate culture, so that social science knowledge can truly enter Thousands of households, really into the mind.

On the day of the event, the leaders of the meeting awarded the license for the former site of the first rural party branch in Yunnan Province, which will be titled as “Yunnan Provincial Social Science Popularization and Demonstration Base” in 2022, and presented social science experts to Xichou County and representatives of social science experts. Science and books. Organized and carried out “100 experts talk about ecological civilization” and social science popularization and village activities, and organized all participants to visit the “Xichou Spirit” exhibition hall and the Sanguang Rocky Desertification Comprehensive Control Demonstration Zone.

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