The Lavish Weddings of Isha Ambani and Princess Diana: A Comparison of Extravagance

Title: Princess Diana’s Wedding: A Glimpse into the Most Lavish and Costly Celebration in History

Princess Diana and King Charles: A Wedding Fit for Royalty

When it comes to extravagant and opulent weddings, one often recalls Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani’s nuptials, which incurred a staggering expense of around Rs 400 crores. However, this esteemed affair falls short in comparison to a wedding that took place decades before Isha’s, a ceremony that surpassed it in grandeur and cost. We’re referring to the wedding of Princess Diana and King Charles, which astonishingly amounted to a princely sum exceeding double the aforementioned sum. The royal family splurged a remarkable $110 million (approximately Rs. 914 crores) to bestow upon this extraordinary matrimonial union.

The Royal Extravagance Unveiled

Taking place on July 29, 1981, at Britain’s St Paul’s Cathedral, this grand ceremony captivated the attention of 28.4 million viewers. The groom, King Charles, made a magnificent entrance in a white horse-drawn carriage, adorned in military regalia. Accompanied by her father and riding upon a carriage pulled by brown horses, Princess Diana made her unforgettable arrival, gracefully stepping into her role as a princess. The wedding celebration was elevated with a mesmerizing live performance by 250 musicians, further enhancing the regality of the occasion. The guest list boasted 1400 attendees, while approximately 600,000 well-wishers lined the streets of Britain, eager to catch a glimpse of the beloved new princess.

An Iconic Dress Echoing Through Time

The ethereal wedding gown donned by Princess Diana on that momentous day continues to be considered the epitome of bridal elegance even after 42 years. This ivory silk masterpiece, adorned with ten thousand pearls, left a lasting impression on the world. The gown itself featured a jaw-dropping 7.6-meter train, exuding grace and sophistication, accompanied by an exquisite 140-meter-long headdress. Fashion designer couple David and Elizabeth Emmanuel were the masterminds behind this sartorial embodiment of timeless beauty.

However, even Diana’s iconic gown couldn’t surpass Isha’s golden lehenga in terms of price. Currently valued at around four crore rupees, Diana’s regal attire pales in comparison to the staggering price tag of Isha’s lehenga, valued at a remarkable Rs 90 crores.

The Royal Wedding Gifts

A royal wedding is also accompanied by an array of extraordinary gifts. Princess Diana and King Charles were bestowed with over 3,000 engagement and wedding gifts, often surpassing the realm of imagination. Among the extravagant presents were precious diamond jewelry, priceless and rare watches, and crockery worth crores, all serving as tokens of admiration and respect.

28 Sep 2023, 06:29 PM IST Isha Ambani on her wedding day | Photo: AFP/PTI

AWhen asked which is the most lavish and expensive wedding, the first answer that comes to mind is Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani’s wedding. Isha and Anand Piramal’s wedding cost around Rs 400 crores. But this is not the most expensive wedding in the world.

Decades before Isha’s wedding, a lavish wedding was held that cost more than double that amount. The wedding of Princess Diana and King Charles. The royal family spent 110 million dollars (approx. Rs. 914 crores) on this royal wedding.

The wedding took place on July 29, 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral in Britain and was watched by 28.4 million people. Charles arrived at the wedding venue in military uniform in a carriage drawn by white horses. Diana arrived with her father in a carriage drawn by brown horses. A live performance by 250 musicians was added to the wedding celebration. 1400 guests also came to the wedding. In addition to this, around 600,000 people lined the streets of Britain to meet and greet the new princess.

Princess Diana with Charles on her wedding day Photo: AP

The dress Princess Diana wore that day remains the world’s most iconic wedding dress 42 years later. Diana’s dress was an ivory silk dress decorated with ten thousand pearls. The silk gown consisted of a 7.6 meter long train (the long back part of the gown) and a 140 meter long headdress. The gown was designed by fashion designer couple David and Elizabeth Emmanuel.

But this gown couldn’t beat Isha’s golden lehenga in terms of price. Today, Diana’s dress costs around four crore rupees. But the price of the lehenga worn by Isha is Rs 90 crores.

A royal wedding is also the first when it comes to wedding gifts. They both received over 3,000 engagement and wedding gifts. These include precious diamond jewellery, priceless and rare watches and crockery worth crores.

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