The lawyer Han Moon-chul, the story of IU jumping out of the driver’s car

Screenshot of IU’s YouTube channel video

Attorney Moon-Cheol Han, who has been widely known as an expert in handling traffic accidents through broadcast programs, etc. A video of him jumping out of a car driven by singer IU caught the eyes and ears of netizens.

IU posted on her YouTube channel on the 1st, ‘Driving… In the video titled “It’s not easy,” she said, “I got my (driving) license a while ago,” and “I prepared a corner to share conversation while driving guests to their destination.”

Following IU’s words, “We brought in lawyer Han Moon-cheol, a person who is really symbolic in terms of ‘driving’ as a guest on the first episode,” followed by a lawyer who rode in the passenger seat. The two people sitting next to each other in the car fasten their seat belts immediately. In response to IU’s question, “I have to drive. Is there any reason why you appeared on our program today?”, a lawyer responded, “I thought about it a lot. I think it would better walk …” , causing laughter.

As a new driver, IU drove the vehicle carefully. In the meantime, I began to have a serious conversation with a lawyer. He also made the atmosphere friendly by talking about a program that was broadcast featuring a lawyer.

However, the conversation was often cut off in the middle, such as a dizzying situation where IU’s car almost collided with the car in front of him. In response, a lawyer could not hide his concern that an accident might occur.

Furthermore, when IU said “I’m going to Mok-dong” as a destination, a lawyer was surprised and corrected her by saying, “Myeonmok-dong! I said I’m going to Myeonmok-dong!” In fact, a lawyer said at the beginning of the video, “There is an important meeting in Myeonmok-dong.”

IU began to pace with the words “I have to step on him as soon as possible” towards a lawyer who was in a hurry. A lawyer trembles with worry, holding on to the passenger seat’s ceiling handle. Eventually, as IU rolled down the driver’s window, she shouted “Hey there!” towards another vehicle.

In the car IU was driving, a lawyer who shuddered with extreme anxiety said, “I will go out, I will go out! No! No!” and jumped on the road with the passenger side door open.

The video was an event organized by IU and a lawyer on April Fool’s Day. The vehicle was stationary in the studio, and the surrounding buildings and road conditions were a virtual reality that unfolded through the screen.

IU explained the purpose of the video with the words, “I came in (lawyer) for April Fool’s Day. I ask all drivers to drive safely.” A lawyer also said “Happy April Fool’s Day to all of us” as a closing greeting.


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