“THE LEFT!” is distinguished from the man with the cassock and the cross

/ In view of numerous publications in various publications about the affiliation of Atanas Stefanov (the man dressed in a cassock, aiming a cross at the returnees of the completed mandate Petkov and Acad. Denkov and restrained by the police) to the coalition “LEFT!”, we distinguish ourselves from this statement.

Mr. Stefanov never been a part of “THE LEFT!, nor part of the protest initiated by our formation today, June 5, in front of the presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We from “THE LEFT!” we are convinced that discontent and civil and political positions can and should be expressed and heard in a manner consistent with good tone and the law. We believe that such manifestations only debase and simplify any undertaking. We dissociate ourselves from any vandalism within the framework of the peaceful protest organized by us.


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