The Legal Execution Department goes to the area to help Girl guarantees a friend buys a seized car, house and land. Suggest mediation

The Legal Execution Department goes to the area to help Girl guarantees a friend buys a seized car, house and land. Suggest mediation

According to the news, Mrs. Pornpun Sattaram asked for help from going to guarantee the purchase of a car for a close friend. But the friend did not pay the debt, causing him to be sued until the house and land were seized.

On May 4, Mrs. Aranya Thongnamtako, Director-General of the Legal Execution Department, revealed that the case was the execution of the judgment. In the case of the Sikhio Provincial Court Red Number 645/2552 between Tri Petch Isuzu Leasing Co., Ltd. Plaintiff Ms. Sukanya Koon Khunthod No. 1 Mrs. Pornpun Satram No. 2, the defendant, on January 18, 2554, the plaintiff requested the Enforcement Officer to seize the land and things Building, which is owned by Mrs. Pornpan Sattaram, the second defendant, sold by auction to pay the debt to the plaintiff.

And the executing officer has notified the seizure to the parties so he has assigned the Director of Buriram Provincial Legal Execution Office Nang Rong Branch to assist in the case immediately. Which has coordinated all parties to join the negotiation to find a solution together on May 19, 2011 and if the agreement has been complied with, it will not be subject to further enforcement of the auction.

The Legal Execution Department attaches great importance to the enforcement of dispute mediation process to assist judgment debtors under the situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic, and can apply for dispute mediation online. Through the Session Call application and can submit a dispute resolution request electronically through the Legal Execution Department website.

In this regard, further inquiries can be made at the Dispute Conciliation Center, Legal Execution Department, telephone number 0 2881 4840, 0 2887 5072 or the Hotline of the Legal Execution Department 1111 press 79 and the Legal Execution Office nationwide.

Mrs. Pornpun Sattaram, age 36, a villager of Na Mai Village, Hua Thanon Sub-district, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province, who has a career in groceries at home Came out to cry for help After securing a close friend, buying a multi-purpose vehicle worth more than 1.8 million baht, which was obtained from the Buriram Provincial Legal Execution Office, Nang Rong Branch, will seize the land and the current home dwelling with the family. Because the friend who bought the car still owes the difference of more than 50,000 baht with the company, he was not responsible for running away. Make himself the second defendant as a guarantor And was sued instead of foreclosure

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