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The legend never dies! “Ragnarok Online Classic” is available today!

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Gravity Game Tech announces the launch of “Ragnarok Online Classic”, the legendary online game that returns to its classic form. Guaranteed fun as usual More with a new system that is easier to play.

Gravity Game Tech’s return to Ragnarok Online Classic will keep the classic vibes and fun of the original. Ready to add more convenience systems

For the open version is Episode 4.0, open the map until Comodo. In the future, new maps will be updated regularly. As for the dungeons, as well as various classes of classes will be gradually updated throughout the Episode until Class 2-1. In addition, the EXP Penalty system has been eliminated, making it easier for players to level up.
Mr. Lee Jae Jin, COO requesting Gravity Game Tech Co., Ltd. said, “From the continuous communication with the players in the past made to know Many players feel nostalgic for the old Ragnarok Online games they played in the past. For this reason, Ragnarok Online has been developed to be more fun. To bring back the feeling of that time back to the players again. Therefore, we hope that Ragnarok Classic will gain the attention and support of all Thai players.”

To celebrate the launch in Thailand, Gravity Game Tech has chosen Bow Melda, an actress and former model of the famous girl group, as its official presenter. Ready to organize ‘ROC LIVE 24 hours’ event, inviting players to livestream across the day. Win premium items from Ragnarok and other prizes worth more than 150,000 baht.

Ragnarok Online Classic is available today. Sign up for an ID and download the game at https://roc.gnjoy.in.th/ Follow news and events on the Ragnarok Classic GGT fan page.

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