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“The light carrier is a key joint force to protect the national interest”

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picture explanationThe maneuver graphics of the carrier combat group released by the Navy

The Navy Chief of Staff directly insisted on the necessity of the light carrier introduction project. It is said that by securing an aircraft carrier, it will not be left behind in the arms race with neighboring powers, and that it will be possible to build a core joint force that protects national interests.

On the 25th, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Vice President of the Navy, said through SNS, “It takes about 2.6 trillion won, not 6 trillion won, to secure a light aircraft carrier. It will become a key joint force capable of protecting the lives and property of the people and protecting the national interest,” he said.

“Securing an aircraft carrier is a project that has been a necessity since the Kim Young-sam administration in 1996,” said Buseok-jong, head of the Navy. He added, “Since the carrier is secured, it is not necessary to secure additional escort destroyers, but to secure the carrier by command of the destroyers already secured. not,” he emphasized.

In particular, he emphasized the need for aircraft carriers to keep pace with the expansion of the military power of neighboring countries rather than deterrence against North Korea. “Now, military power must be built to prepare not only for deterrence against North Korea, but also against threats from all directions,” the Vice-Chancellor said. Considering our responsible role in the international community, we need a broader view of security,” he said.

Earlier, the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee cut the portion related to the introduction of aircraft carriers by more than 90% (7.2 billion won -> 500 million won) in the budget for next year. Even though it was a pledged project by President Moon Jae-in, it is said that there were many opposition votes from the ruling party. Seol-hoon, a lawmaker from the Democratic Party of Korea, said at a plenary session that day, “We must respect the position of the Navy, but it is not something to be done in haste.” Rep. Shin Won-shik from People’s Power also pointed out that “a consensus on the necessity of a light carrier has not yet been formed.”

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However, there is also the opinion that the National Assembly unreasonably overturned a project that was judged suitable in the project feasibility study after the basic project promotion strategy was established at the Defense Project Promotion Committee supervised by the Minister of National Defense in February this year. In particular, many critics point out that the minimum countermeasures against the expansion of naval power by China and Japan should be prepared. Comparing the actual displacement of battleships as a standard, it is known that China has over 1 million tons, while Korea has only about 170,000 tons. It is estimated that Japan also possesses more than 430,000 tons of maritime power.

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