The list of best international films selected by country and region for the 95th Academy Awards has been released in Mainland China and Hong Kong

Original title: Countries and regions selected the best international film list for the 95th Academy Awards. Mainland China and Hong Kong have not yet been determined.

Sohu Entertainment News The application for the 95 Academy Awards is about to close, and countries and regions have successively announced the films competing for the Best International Film Award. Here are the confirmed films for selection↓ ↓The selection of films from Mainland China and Hong Kong have not been announced yet Which one do you think we should choose?

This year’s Oscars will announce the shortlist on December 21, and the final nominees will be announced on January 24, 2023. The awards ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on March 12, 2023.

Belgium: “proximity”

Austria: “Corset”

Bolivia: “Our Motherland”

Iran: “The Third World War”

India: “The Last Film Screening”

Uruguay: Workers and Employers

Israel: Sabaya Cinema

Nepal: “Butterfly on the window”

New Zealand: The Hunt

Portugal: “The Living Soul”

Romania: The Flawless Beginning

Venezuela: The Box

Lithuania: “Hometown Revisited”

Brazil: “March 1”

Canada: “Eternal Spring”

Costa Rica: Domingo and the Ghost of the Mist

Ecuador: “The Hidden Solitude”

“Days I Was Hidden in a Killing Government” Guatemala

Panama: “Birthday Boy”

Paraguay: “Kingdom of the Forest”

Indonesia: “Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap”

Armenia: “Sunrise in Aurora”

Kazakhstan: “Life”

Bosnia and Herzegovina: “The Ballad”

Iceland: “Beautiful Creatures”

Ukraine: “Klondike”

Bulgaria: “Mother”

Czech: “Il Boemo”

Finland: Portrait of a Girl

Georgia: “The Long Rest”

Greece: “Magnetic Field”

Hungary: “Blockade”

Ireland: “The Silent Girl”

Kosovo: “Finding Venus”

Latvia: “January”

Montenegro: “Laurel Elegy”

The Netherlands: “Narcosis”

Slovenia: The Story of the Brass Orchestra

Switzerland: “Three Winters”

Albania: “A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes”

Algeria: “Our Brothers”

Tunisia: “Under the Fig Tree”

Turkey: “Kerr”

Uganda: TembeleReturn to Sohu, see more

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