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The loan was not repaid; Young man arrested for robbing a bank

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A young man was arrested for robbing a bank to pay off a bank loan. The incident took place in Kuwait. He robbed the bank by threatening to stab him in the bank. Within hours of the incident, police found the 28-year-old and took him into custody. He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place. The suspect was arrested from an apartment in Haveli. He was absconding here after the robbery. Security officials from Haveli, in collaboration with the Jahra Investigation Department, located the suspect’s hideout.

Police said he was unconscious at the time of his arrest and had handed over the youth to the relevant authorities for further action. He told police that the theft was done to pay off his debts. Abdullah went to his brother’s house in the Al Mubarak area in a taxi with the money he had taken from the bank. Most of the money was kept here. In addition to repaying the loan, he also planned to buy a new phone and clothes. After hiding the money in his brother’s house, he went to Haveli and rented an apartment and hid there.

He confessed to robbing a bank and said he did not know where the knife used to intimidate him was. The security guard at the bank identified the accused. Police said he had previously been charged with drug use and car theft. This is the first case in Jahra against an accused involved in earlier cases in Haveli and Farwaniya, police said.

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