The local epidemic heats up and the Spring Festival may cause a large wave of infected doctors: these 7 days are the key

[Healthcare Network/Reporter Yang Aiting]The Omicron epidemic has swept the world, not only setting a record of 1.13 million confirmed cases in a single day (1/10) in the United States, but also the cumulative number of cases in Taiwan has reached 31. It can be said that it came quickly and urgently, but There are also many foreign studies showing that most of the people infected with the virus have mild symptoms and have become “influenza-like”, and the vaccine coverage rate is getting higher and higher. Many people believe that the epidemic is coming to an end, and humans will “coexist with the virus” in the future. Zhou Baiqian, a thoracic surgeon at the Hospital Affiliated to Taipei Medical University, said that Omicron is a virus that mutated under a perfect storm, causing the host to be asymptomatic or mildly ill, which is also the main cause of the current pandemic.

The more “mild” the virus is, the more likely it is to become flu-like

What is a “perfect” storm-mutated virus? Zhou Baiqian said that the virus has multiple mutations (a total of 32 mutations on the spine protein), but it will not cause the infected person to die quickly, and people with poor resistance or poor antibodies will become severely ill. Currently, vaccines worldwide Coverage is increasing, resulting in breakthrough infections that are usually not life-threatening. After such multiple screenings, the virus will not cause human death, but a continuous infection, allowing the virus to continue to survive and multiply.

Zhou Baiqian said that a virus that is too strong will not spread in large numbers. Famous cases in history, such as MERS (respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection) in the Middle East, and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which was feared many years ago, are caused by The host died quickly after being infected, and the virus had no time to spread and thus disappeared. Zhou Baiqian believed that the milder the virus, the more flu-like it would be.

All Taiwan 2Millions of people are not vaccinated, the Spring Festival may cause a large wave of infections

The virus is moving towards a flu-like trend, and most of them are mild or asymptomatic. In view of the recent local epidemic in Taiwan, I am afraid that the virus is still lurking among you and me. Zhou Baiqian emphasized that since there are currently about 2 million people in Taiwan who have not been vaccinated, And the Chinese New Year is coming soon. Among the large number of people returning home, there may be cases of infection with new coronary pneumonia. In addition, the cold weather during the Spring Festival will cause a decline in immunity. If infected with new coronary pneumonia at this time, it will lead to a higher probability of serious illness. .

Zhou Baiqian suggested that from January to March, the government should maintain border control measures until the unvaccinated population in Taiwan is less than 5% (about 100,000 people). At least this winter, due to the increase in vaccine coverage, herd immunity can be achieved. It can also further protect people who cannot be vaccinated due to physical diseases or other force majeure factors. Until summer and autumn, when the climate changes to a humid and high temperature environment, the replication power of the virus will decrease, so that these flus can be prevented. The virus can really reduce the severity and mortality of infected people. These three months are a critical period. We must keep it well, and at the same time avoid the collapse of the medical system.

The local epidemic is heating up, can we have dinner and New Year’s greetings during the Spring Festival?

Zhou Baiqian said that in terms of the current local epidemic situation in Taiwan, we still need to observe the development of the epidemic situation in Taoyuan and the north in the past 3-7 days (1/10-1/17). Therefore, if the first and second circles of epidemic prevention and control implemented by the command center, local government and medical units are used to reduce the probability of the virus spreading to the south, it is recommended that the south should also carry out PCR random inspections, and find out immediately. Zhou Baiqian believes that these 7 days are a critical period, and everyone must work together to overcome this wave of infectious fever.

Zhou Baiqian re-emphasized that at present, the whole people still have to “be careful”. Although the virus has been initially controlled in the northern region, but now the transportation is very developed, and there is still a risk of infection. The rapid screening mechanism has not been implemented across Taiwan, so there are fears that invisible infectious persons have not been identified. Therefore, Zhou Baiqian appealed to the public to try not to participate in public activities. If you want to attend, masks and disinfection should be done carefully. The epidemic prevention measures guided by the command center, protect yourself and reduce the possibility of yourself being infected or infected in the community.

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