The long-lost international faces have returned to the six major repertoires contracted throughout the year The 45-year performance season of the Hangzhou Theater will be “very good”-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

The long-lost international faces have returned to the six major repertoires contracted throughout the year Hangzhou Theater’s 45th Anniversary Performance Season will be “very good”

The Hangzhou Theatre, one of Hangzhou’s important cultural landmarks, will celebrate its 45th anniversary this year. On February 7, the theater officially opened the curtain on its 45th anniversary celebration, and released the main plays to be staged this year.

“This year’s birthday drama will last a whole year, and it will be very good!” At the press conference that day, Zhang Mei, deputy executive general manager of Hangzhou Zheyan Theatre, introduced that the theater has prepared 6 major theaters including comedy theater, suspense theater and classical theater The repertoire of the theme unit is dedicated to’ the audience in Hangzhou.

In addition to the ridiculous cross talk by Deyun Association, the “ceiling” dance version of “Swan Lake”, the drama “I’m Not Pan Jinlian” with Zhang Xinyi, the highest IP of the children’s drama “Ultraman” and “Little Boy” In addition to Peppa Pig, another highlight this year is the return of foreign artists – Maxim’s super-hot pianist Lisa Ono, who I haven’t seen for a long time, and to whom all others will come. Hangzhou.

Making you laugh is the watchword of comedy theater this year. After experiencing the epidemic, people have more desire for laughter and laughter, therefore, Hangzhou Theater prepared a trilogy of comedy theaters especially for the audience.

On April 15th, “Deyun Sanxiao Crosstalk Special Session” led by Gao Xiaobei, Shang Xiaoju, and Liu Xiaoting will come to Hangzhou Theater. Following that, another heavyweight actor from Deyun Club is also expected to come to Hangzhou Theater to hold a cross-talk show in June.

The absurd drama “I’m Not Pan Jinlian” directed by the young drama director Ding Yiteng will meet you in September. Actress Xinyi Zhang appeared on the drama stage for the first time, playing with black humor along with the “men’s team” who are proficient in all 18 martial arts.

Suspense Theater is for curious audiences.

The unknown policeman, the female doctor with a vengeance, and the petty officer with a heart for the country face all kinds of siege and interception. The three of them have to travel more than 2,000 miles in half a month. How to complete this “mission impossible”?

Ten people who did not know each other were invited to a remote island. After dinner, a mysterious voice revealed the terrible secrets that were in people’s hearts, and they went to death one by one…

A strange mother and daughter pair hid the truth for six years, but they couldn’t escape the prying eyes of the neighbours. The sudden murder brought everything to the surface, and when the murderer came to justice, a new murder was secretly brewing…

The above are the beginnings of the stage play “Fifteen Days in Two Capitals” adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel, the play “No Survival” adapted from Agatha’s masterpiece of the same name, and the play “Abyss” by the Shanghai Dramatic Art Center. Have you already recalled it? Satisfied your curiosity?

Long-running popular works are classics, and the classical theater unit is full of “dry goods”.

The century-old ballet classic “Swan Lake” is performed by the National Ballet of China, the ceiling of Chinese ballet. After 39 years, the National Ballet of China’s version of “Swan Lake” will be in the air again at the Hangzhou Theater this summer.

In the same way, Hangzhou Theater also prepared a sumptuous meal for audiences who love Chinese opera.At the end of February, three “Plum Blossom Award” actors of Shaoxing Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, Chen Fei, Wu Fenghua appeared and Zhang Lin, in the Hangzhou Theater, brought the classical Yue opera “Love Detective” “” and “He Wenxiu”; in March, Yang Xiayun and Lou Sheng, two “plum blossoms” of the Zhejiang Wu Opera Art Research Institute, will present the Wu Opera classic “The Legend of the White Snake”.

Probably the most anticipated thing this year is that foreign artists have finally restarted their China tour plans.

Last November, when Maxim played “Flight of the Bumblebee” at the Hangzhou Theatre, the atmosphere was like a concert; in December there was an additional performance, and the tickets were sold again. Maxim was greatly moved by the enthusiasm of the audience in Hangzhou, and will be coming to Hangzhou again this year.

Lisa Ono’s concert was also a surprise. When the “Queen of Bossa Nova” returns again, will you be humming the tune of “La Vie en Rose”?

Austria’s “National Treasure”, the Vienna Boys’ Choir with a history of 500 years, will also come to the Hangzhou Theater this year to show its pure singing voice.

Ultraman, Aisha, Peppa Pig, Qiaohu, Dunhuang Beast… These best animation IPs will all appear at the Children’s Carnival Theater this year.

The original stage play “Dunhuang Wonderful Night” will introduce the wonderful and mysterious Dunhuang, and also contains a lot of information about Dunhuang culture. More than 6 resident performances from the “Ice Queen” series will take children to a magical world of fantasy.

As a brand project of Hangzhou Theater, Hangzhou Theater Weekend Music Lecture Series Concert has gone through 17 years. With an average of 24 performances a year, it not only attracts tens of thousands of art-learning children to become loyal audiences to the Hangzhou Theatre, but also wins praise from audiences of all ages.

This year, Hangzhou Theater has prepared 33 weekend music lecture series performances for the audience, including animation-themed concerts such as “Laputa in the Sky” and “Slam Dunk”, as well as Dynasty’s classic “When Will the Moon Come” Chinese Song music and music There will be such traditional cultural cross-border concerts; there will be concerts of classical works such as “Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Selected Piano Works” and “Radesky March”.

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