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The Lost Memories: Hymn of the Valkyrie, a new game from Gravity. Open Closed Beta and pre-register today!!

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Gravity Game Tech Co., Ltd., the famous game provider like Ragnarok Online, is ready to open for adventurers to test during Closed Beta and pre-register to find lost memories. In the new world of Ragnarok with The Lost Memories: Hymn of the Valkyrie and receive special items and prizes from various events.

However Mr. Thanaphat Taoklam, Game Team Leader The Lost Memories: Hymn of the Valkyrie “With the launch of The Lost Memories: Hymn of the Valkyrie, a Cinematic Newtro RPG, this time, I expect a lot of positive feedback from players. To participate in the pre-registration and testing during the Closed Beta along the way, the game features characters from Ragnarok Online that are well known among players in Thailand. Come to present in a more modern play style. I believe that the game will be fun for players for sure. However, I would like to leave the game The Lost Memories: Hymn of the Valkyrie. And invites all players to pre-register and take part in the Closed Beta test to receive special items that the team has prepared. My team and I promise to take the best care of our players and thank you all for your continued support of Gravity Game Tech.”

Pre-register at: https://bit.ly/3il0X4c

Download the game to participate in the CBT test at : https://bit.ly/3wSdPnq

Closed Beta Test Event (July 20-23, 2021)

Daily events, get items according to the date of login.

Day 1: Get 1,000 Gemstones

Day 2 : รับ 10 Card Gacha Ticket / 5 Old Red Box

Day 3 : รับ 20 Enriched Oridecon / 20 Enriched Elunium

Day 4 : รับ 1 Soul Weapon Buying Ticket

Exp Event x 2 / Drop Rate x 2

During Closed Beta, players will receive experience x 2 and drop rate x 2.

Facebook Fanpage sharing activity

The team will post activities on the fan page. https://www.facebook.com/TheLostMemoriesTH Players can join in on the fun by playing games and taking in-game photos anywhere in Ragnarok’s world where the player’s character must be level 20 or higher. By specifying the player’s account name correctly. The team will randomly select 100 lucky winners and contact them to send 1 Elven Ears prize.

The team will send the Item code to the recipient of the prize via inbox (Inbox) in Facebook (You can bring that Item code to receive the reward during Open Beta).

selected for you

Activities during the pre-registration period (20 July – 24 August 2021)

Registration event to receive special items

invite you to register on the website https://tlm.gnjoy.in.th/ when the number of registered users is reached All players will receive free items. The rewards given in the pre-registration event will be sent via in-game mail after Open Beta with a 7-day mailing period.

  • Register 50,000 ID : Get Old Blue Box x10
  • Register 100,000 ID : Get 100,000 Zeny / BASE Potion (S) x30
  • Register for 200,000 IDs : Get Card Gacha Ticket x5 / Dokebi Gacha Ticket x3
  • Register 300,000 ID : Get Bunny Band x1 / Old Red box x3

friend invite activity

After the players have pre-registered and press share to invite 5 friends to register, they will receive 5 Card Gacha Ticket items (Players will receive items during Open Beta, can check items code via Login on the website or via sms at the registered phone number)

“The legend of adventure told to the memories that come back.”

Follow more details at the website.

Official Website: https://tlm.gnjoy.in.th/

Official Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/TheLostMemoriesTH

Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gravitygametech_official


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