“The Lottery Division” clarified “The Law Committee”, the fact that the lottery is expensive, the director of the lottery division did not calm down but no power

“The Lottery Division” clarified “The Law Committee” on the fact that the lottery is expensive on the side of “Sira”, wondering why they did not prosecute the online platform, but arrested the people. “Director of the lottery division” did not calm down. but no power

At 10:00 a.m. on December 2, at the National Assembly, at the meeting of the Commission (KMUTT) on Law, Justice and Human Rights The House of Representatives, chaired by Mr. Sira Chenchaka, Member of Parliament for Bangkok, Palang Pracharath Party (PPC) as chairman of the committee, presided over the meeting. There has been a study of complaints about the government lottery’s price exceeding the price set by the state. Mr. Jeerasak Noikam, chairman of Loei Provincial Lottery Retailer Network Club, Mr. Patcharanat Chiarapong, online lottery buyer and seller As a complainant and Lieutenant Colonel Nun Sanakom, Director of the Government Lottery Office, Mr. Thap Wutthibatukachit Deputy Director of the Lottery Office to clarify

By Mr. Jeerasak said that the lottery in Loei is not enough for those who want to sell, causing problems with overpriced sales. which the price of the lottery at the Office of the Lottery Division Sent directly to traders who are in the quota system at 70.40 baht, but the lottery price sold to small traders is 94-95 baht. The lottery has been changed from those who have a quota. Cause of Lottery Expensive The variant is an online lottery platform. Some platforms sell at 80 baht, but add a service fee of 20 baht, so they want relevant agencies to check and take care of this part. and proposed solutions, namely: 1. Providing small lottery dealers with direct licenses 2. I want the agency to cut the quota of any person who sells the lottery in an online platform. 3. Legislation to control the combination of books and 4. There is a destination registration system to prevent lotteries from changing hands.

On the side of Mr. Patcharanat said that at present, there are 2 systems for selling lottery tickets in online platforms: 1. Winning to buy lottery tickets at the market price. Scanned in the system and sold at a price of 100 baht, which can be sold for 1 million tickets per draw, after someone has won the prize, they will transfer the money to them. Which will get a percentage from customers who won another 2% and 2. Bring the lottery to scan through the platform. with a scan fee of 5 baht per card, but must have ten thousand or more lottery tickets, can sell about 3 million tickets per draw, which we are in trouble because of the high cost of the lottery I think that the cause started from having an online platform and going to buy lottery tickets at high prices and sell them.

Reporters reported that During one of the meetings, Mr Sira asked representatives from the Lottery Office as to why there was no legal action against the online platform. despite being found guilty of both acquiring and overselling Is there a bribe? Abandoned or not Because the lottery is currently prosecuting the general public. but does not do anything back to the platform even though it is a large trading partner

while lieutenant colonel clarified at one point that In terms of increasing the number of tickets, it must be a real supply demand. We can print all salespeople. But will he be able to sell lotteries or not because the buyers don’t have more? The reason why the lotteries are overpriced is because small dealers do not sell the lotteries according to the price. even though the lottery is at the cost price The part that says that we only catch small people because of our own power. And we weren’t the ones who caught them because they weren’t officials. But if detected, we cancel the quota. Either platform or stall then throw it back in the buy-reserve system We have no control over the platforms, but we can control our lottery winners. We also have complaints against every platform for overselling every month and on every platform. including coordinating with the NPC in detecting the platform. The law of the Office of the Lottery There’s only one thing, it’s overpriced. It is a petty offense, a fine of not more than 10,000 baht, confirming that we are not calm.

However, before the end of the meeting, Mr Sira announced that he would pay 30,000 baht for officials to lure lottery tickets from online platforms. To confirm that there is a real sale price of 80 baht, which the lieutenant colonel supports, saying that if he can actually buy it He will be the prosecutor himself.

Mr Sira also confirmed that the committee of law will suppress this matter completely. Both prove that various online platforms Is there a real lottery for sale? and sold overpriced or not


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