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The magic of’mediterranean diet’… It is effective in preventing dementia

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Fruit-vegetable-seafood-oriented meals
Proteins involved in brain cell aging
Blocks amyloid beta-tau accumulation
Even in the study of “stopping Alzheimer’s progression”, the results of development of cause-treatment drugs are insignificant

Mediterranean diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables, grains, seafood and olive oil. A study found that the brains of people who ate a western diet high in meat and sugar were less active than those who ate a Mediterranean diet. Dong-A Ilbo DB

The Mediterranean diet consists of eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, seafood, and olive oil while eating less red meat. Celebrities from each country who have tried this diet have been recommending that it has been effective, and scholars have become world famous with scientific results that have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease and aging suppression.

Recently, there are also research results showing that it is effective in preventing dementia. Researchers at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) reported that the Mediterranean diet helps prevent memory loss and dementia by preventing the accumulation of amyloid beta and tau protein. Neurology)’ released on the 5th.

○ People who ate’Mediterranean diet’ had less brain gray matter that caused dementia

Although the human brain weighs only about 1.3 kg, it is a neural mass of 100 billion nerve cells. Neurons in the brain are sensitive, so when a protein called amyloid beta is entangled and plaques form around them, they die. Even if tau protein accumulates in brain cells, memory, language, and judgment skills are poor. I have dementia. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 55-70% of these causes of dementia. The researchers surveyed a total of 512 people (average age of 69.5 years), including 169 people with normal cognitive function and 343 people with a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and surveyed their diet for one month. The researchers measured the amount of protein in the spinal fluid of the participants to investigate the correlation between the amount of amyloid beta and tau proteins used as biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease and the Mediterranean diet. It also investigated the presence of another biomarker known to have a 20-fold higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, the apolipoprotein (APOE) e4 gene. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device was used to scan the brain to see if it contracted. Whether the Mediterranean diet was practiced was confirmed through a questionnaire survey after giving 148 ingredients. As a result, regardless of the normal and Alzheimer’s risk groups, those who followed the Mediterranean diet well had a higher amount of gray matter in the brain than those who did not. Gray matter is a collection of nerve cells in the brain, which directly affects cognitive functions such as memory. When the brain age was calculated based on the difference in the amount of gray matter, it was concluded that the brains of those who did not follow the Mediterranean diet had advanced aging by about a year. Their spinal fluid contained higher amounts of amyloid beta and tau protein, and their memory test scores were lower.

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○Alzheimer’s progress is also slow

Several studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is effective in preventing dementia. Studies have shown that a Mediterranean diet slows the rate of cognitive decline in the elderly and reduces the risk of mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

In 2018, positron emission tomography (positron emission tomography) of 34 people who ate a Mediterranean diet and 36 people who followed a western diet high in meat and sugar were examined at intervals of two years by Professor Lisa Mosconi of Weil Cornell Medicine, a research department at Cornell University’s School of Medicine. PET), a study published in Neurology that found much more deposits of amyloid beta protein in the brain of the Western diet group. The group who ate the Western diet also decreased brain activity. Professor Mosconi said, “If you practice the Mediterranean diet for many years, you can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by three and a half years.”

○ Dietary ingredients have neuroprotective effect

According to the Central Dementia Center, the number of elderly dementia patients over 65 in Korea is expected to reach 750,000 in 2018, reaching 1 million in 2024. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2020, there will be 50 million people with dementia worldwide, increasing by 10 million each year. However, scientists have not yet found a clear cause of dementia and have yet to develop a fundamental treatment.

Bae Ae-nim, head of the Dementia DTC Convergence Research Center at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), said, “There are several cases where candidates for treating dementia by removing amyloid beta or tau protein have entered the clinical stage, but they have not yet succeeded.” A lot of research is also being conducted to diagnose dementia in advance using markers.” Director Bae developed a candidate drug that inhibits the aggregation of tau protein in 2019 and transferred the technology to Dong-A ST, and a non-clinical test to confirm its safety is currently in progress.

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“The cause of the accumulation of amyloid beta or tau protein, or the pathways in which the accumulation occurs, is very complex and diverse,” said Bae. “The Mediterranean diet ingredients will be involved in this process and have a neuroprotective effect.”

Lee Hyun-kyung, reporter of Dong-A Science [email protected]

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