The main baseball coach from Georgia, Scott Stricklin, shows the end to season, recruitment and MLB Draft | Sport

The main baseball coach from Georgia, Scott Stricklin, shows the end to season, recruitment and MLB Draft | Sport

Almost a month ago, the University of Georgia baseball team dropped into the NCAA Regional Final Final against Seminoles of Florida State. The loss of end to season 46-17 ended where the Bulldoganna were the overall seed No. 4 in the NCAA Competition.

After several weeks reflecting on the previous season and embracing the season as well as season 2019-2020, The Red & Black caught with coach Scott Stricklin to talk about the end of the season, recruitment and draft MLB decisions. .

The Red & Black Looking back at the end of the season, could he describe the feelings in a locker room for you after the FSU defeat?

Scott Stricklin: Very disappointed. I felt it was very bad for our players, that is our seniors and colleagues who were playing their last game – people who were to be drafted and going on. It is very difficult. To be on your home field and have an opportunity to move on to the next level, to go to the Super Regionals to get an opportunity to go to Omaha. That is what we all expect, that is what we all work and that it didn't happen. I was very disappointed, but we put ourselves in that position for two consecutive years and that is what makes good programs. You put yourself in a position to succeed and if you keep doing it, you are going to go through it and that is our faith.

R&B: Could that deja vu mean that the loss of injury was more hurt and I knew you were in that job just a year ago?

SS: Yes, there is no question. When you put yourself into that job two years in a row and you don't achieve your goal it is disappointing and hurts. I mean that it physically hurts. Our training team, our players, were disappointed on everyone who participated in the program, for our fans. When you take a step back, we have had a very good year, but we look forward to having a great year. And a wonderful year means that you will extend your season and go further. We just want to keep ourselves in that position to try to get there.

R&B: Has the loss taught anything especially to you even after 15 years of training?

SS: Hurt loss. They don't feel better, [and] with the most games you play, there seems to be more to the loss. It is never easy no matter what… Lost mounds. We say we always have a winner and a loser, and we will lose them and do everything they can. When you have a good team, when you have a good group of players with a lot of things, you hurt when you lose. I guess the thing I learned is that the loss is still an injury and that it will continue to hurt. When it stops injury, that is the time to stop training, but that's what makes it a great success.

R&B: On your own behalf, what might you have during the season that you could improve or focus on next year?

SS: Well, it is always recruiting. As trainers, we recruit our players, we find our players to choose. So, the only way you will have to win a championship is if you have good players. We then go out trying to find the best players, so that is our goal in the summer. Coach [Scott] Daeley, coach [Sean] Kenny and myself, the three of us are on the road a lot looking at players who always communicate with each other, to find the best players. That is what we do to improve than to continue to recruit good players and good children to come here and to be good competitors and good citizens and good role models.

R&BFor recruitment do you have certain criteria that you follow or are you personally looking for in a player?

SS: You do not know, really. I don't want to say that there is one thing I expect. People ask me all the time, ‘what do you look for? 'A player who can play with you is going to say ow wow’ at some point. Do something – be it a swing on the bat or throw the ball or run from first to third – there will be something that will stand out and leave you wow. WOW & # 39; factor… Guys who stand again on the pitch. But then when we see them, that is when we start doing our research and homework on what kind of student they are, what kind of kid they are, what kind of collaborator they are.

R&B: Where does the recruitment window come from when the season ends when you can't add more players to the roster?

SS: Well, our admission entries are July 1, so we can't add any players to our roster after July 1. If something happens to the draft, you might lose a player without and before 1 July, you can try a previous player, but in the University of Georgia the deadline is 1 July … The deadline [for signing a professional contract] 12 July this year – if someone suddenly decides, their mind suddenly changes and they sign on 10 July that we can't replace them.

R&B: What is your role when players are deciding to stay in the MLB Draft or not? Do you have any part in talking to them and putting the beat on what you are feeling like getting into the draft?

SS: Yeah, we will talk openly to our players because the kind of rosters we have depends on what will happen to the draft. Only 27 players are rostered and only 11.7 scholarships are to be distributed among those players. So you need to have a feeling that will happen with the draft. So you have to have some communication before the draft takes place, and that's the tough thing you don't know what will happen, the player doesn't know what to happen… no matter what team you watch as a team after the draft.

R&B: Before the draft began, Cam Shepherd announced that he was coming back to school. Is that what surprised you?

SS: I was surprised, I was surprised. I mean the Gold Glove shortcut, it is the best short distance in the country. In order to come back to Georgia to play his senior year, which shows that he enjoys this program, he loves this university and wants to be a part of it. I think this is a sign of a very good program, when a man like Cam Shepherd and Riley King wants to come back. You will usually lose your men in the draft when they are working, as it works. To be able to keep two such players, he says a lot about what we can build here.


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