The main melody film “Blood in the Dabie Mountains” releases a trailer for the finalized release of high burning tears to pay tribute to the revolutionary

Source Title: The main melody film “Blood in the Dabie Mountains” releases a trailer for the final release of high burning tears to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs

On December 27, the public security theme of the red theme movie “Blood in the Dabie Mountains” released the final trailer, officially announced that the film will be released in theaters on January 8, 2022. “Blood in the Big Bie Mountain” is produced by Suzhou Golden Shield Culture Media Co., Ltd., directed by senior director Chen Lijun, and co-starred by powerful actors Xu Jie, Yao Gang, Chu Feng, An Zehao and so on. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by Zhang Xiaoling, a public security writer born in Suzhou, Hui Province. It is based on the heroic battle story of Wang Jian, the first director of the Jinzhai County Public Security Bureau. According to the party’s instructions, Wang Dong, the first director of the Public Security Bureau, led more than 100 public security soldiers to bravely and tenaciously resist the violent attacks of the Kuomintang army and the security regiment in order to defend the new red regime, defend the people, and cover the safe transfer of the Erzong Field Hospital. A touching story of collective heroic sacrifice after the transfer of the wounded.

“Blood in the Dabie Mountains” reproduces the revolutionary spirit of the forefathers’ bloody battles and perseverance, and is a living teaching material for the study and education of party history.

The fixed trailer pays tribute to the heroes and chiefs of the revolutionary martyrs of the Dabie Mountains.

With the release of the trailer, a number of highlights in the film were exposed: the heroic director Wang Dong led the public security forces and guerrillas to set up two lines of defense in the Wanjia Bay of the Goteng Mountain to stubbornly block the enemy. After more than ten hours of fierceness Fighting, repelling dozens of offensives by the two regiments of the KMT’s 48th Division, bought precious time for the transfer of hospitals and rear agencies. During the blocking battle, Wang Dong was wounded in the abdomen and his intestines flowed out and continued to fight. He held a machine gun and shot at the enemy. In the end, the enemy’s bullets sifted his body. Wang Dong and more than 160 public security comrades and More than 80 guerrillas all died heroically…

With tragic and tragic battle scenes, twists and turns and touching stories, true and credible details, and vivid and plump characters, “Blood in the Dabie Mountains” makes people feel the heroic, heroic, courageous, loyal, and chivalrous that heroes and daughters should have. The heroic director Wang Dong portrayed by the protagonist Xu Jie is reminiscent of Wang Cheng who “fired at me”, Huang Jiguang who blocked the gun with his body, Yang Zirong, the lonely hero, and Wang Wei, the collision hero who faced the challenge of a powerful enemy, and the Dabie Mountain Revolution. The hero’s awe-inspiring righteousness made people excited, and the scene of the heroic sacrifice at the end of the battle was another tear-inducing scene. Finally, the trailer ended with the clanging footsteps of the new generation of public security officers and the loud slogans, indicating the inheritance of the red gene and the continuity of the red blood in the new era, leaving a bright color.

The degree of historical restoration catches up with the thrilling war scenes of “1921” comparable to “The Great Battle”

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, in 2021, a number of thematic blockbuster films will be released as a gift. “Blood in the Dabie Mountains” is a public security writer Zhang Xiaoling from Suzhou, Anhui Province, after he went deep into the Dabie Mountains and adapted from the true stories of the frontline battlefield. It is also the first film to fight directly with Dabie Mountains. The hero is the main theme of the blockbuster. It is reported that after the script creation was completed, it was immediately fully affirmed by the Anhui Provincial Public Security Department and the Anhui Provincial Film Bureau and other relevant departments, and was praised for its restoration of history as well as the masterpieces “Revolutionary” and “1921”, which are the same as the main theme of the theme. .

It is particularly worth mentioning that the director Chen Lijun has directed “Chongqing Negotiations”, “The Court Under the Sun” (starring Yan Bingyan and Magnolia King He Bing), “Malan Ballad”, “Advance Company” and “Legend of Bao Gong” series, etc. Many excellent film and television works have super control and overall view of war films with historical foundation. It can be seen from the finalized trailer that the war scene of “Blood in the Dabie Mountains” is very skillful from scene scheduling to visual effects. The war scenes of war are comparable to the war film “The Great War” directed by Gao Xixi. The bloody battle between the revolutionary martyrs led by the East and the heroic sacrifices of the Kuomintang army has also become the biggest tear and burning point of the film.

Starring all the talents gathered in “Living”, “Snow Leopard” “1921” gold medal supporting roles

“Blood in the Dabie Mountains” is led by powerful actors, and all the actors are online. Leading actor Xu Jie graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and won the Gold Award for Performance at the National Theatre Culture Award. Famous directors such as Ning Haiqiang have cooperated and their acting skills are highly praised. In the movie “Blood in the Dabie Mountains”, his heroic director Wang Dong is both upright and full of flesh and blood. The second male number Yao Gang has been in the film for more than 20 years. He has participated in many hit dramas such as “Heroes Without Regrets”, “The Emperor of the Dahan”, and “The Chief of Public Security”. Many roles such as Pang Taishi played in “Five Righteous Heroes” are impressive. This year’s well-received work “Across the Yalu River” has been broadcast on CCTV in multiple rounds. Wang Dong staged a wonderful confrontation tit-for-tat.

Chu Feng, who plays the progressive villager Zhao Yundao, has participated in popular dramas such as “Qingpingle”, “Snow Leopard”, and “Black Fox”. 1921″ and “Jing Zhong Yue Fei”, “New Four Famous Catchers”, “Young Huang Feihong” and other film and television works are known as gold medals and green leaves; actress Hao Tingting has a beautiful and dignified appearance, and has appeared in “Codenamed Mulan” and “Red Sword” and other works . The performances of the audience are full of emotion, and the hero group has a distinct personality, which adds a lot of exciting points to this movie.

Continuing the red blood, sing the red theme! The movie “Blood in the Dabie Mountains” will be released in theaters on January 8, 2022, so stay tuned!



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