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[Llais Gobaith, Mehefin 2, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Zhang Guilan)

Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling married Japanese actor AKIRA in 2019, and they now have a son. Recently, Lin Chiling was a guest on the show “All Voices” hosted by Cai Kangyong, and it was revealed for the first time that she proposed AKIRA on her own.

Lin Chiling’s love life before marriage has always been a source of concern to the outside world. Unexpectedly, the “wedding news” bomb dropped suddenly on June 6, 2019, and the wedding partner was a member of a group Japanese boys who were Taiwanese fans. not familiar with.

AKIRA and Lin Chiling met in 2011 because of their collaboration in the Japanese stage drama “Red Cliff ~ Love”, and they fell in love 8 years later. Lin Chiling blew himself up in “Voices”, when he proposed to AKIRA, Lin Chiling revealed: “We will be together after 8 years, what kind of fate is it, maybe God will really want us to be together each other”, and expressed his decision The “flash marriage” has “no direct relationship” with the mother’s health.

Lin Chiling said bluntly that after their marriage, her mother’s “(health condition) deteriorated very quickly, she didn’t even recognize us”, Lin Chiling choked and said, “She continued she (mother) until I got married, it’s amazing” ! “Now sometimes sitting next to her (mother), I still shed a few tears involuntarily. I feel so close, but why (feel) so far away.”

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