The mainstream of summer vacation homework is “do it right away” (35.5%) or do it systematically (27.1%). “Just before the deadline, the last day of summer vacation” is a minority (7.2%) | Press release of Motivation Switch Group Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive education service businessMotivation Switch Group Co., Ltd.(Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naoji Takahashi, hereafter, Motivation Switch Group) is from preschoolers to high school who go to the classroom in mid-July (July 15-20, 2022) just before the summer vacation. We conducted a parent-child questionnaire on summer vacation homework and independent studies for students up to the third grade and their parents, and a total of 569 pairs of responses were collected. More than 90% of all respondents answered that they had summer vacation homework (92.4%). We have summarized the current summer vacation homework situation, such as the difference in approach between usual homework and summer vacation homework, and trends by school age.

Summer vacation homeworkteethI’ll do it right away35.5%Or do it systematically (2)7.1%) Is the mainstream.

When I asked about how to do my summer vacation homework,Immediately before the deadline, the last day of summer vacationThe fewest type to do homework (7).2%), Advance your summer vacation homeworkandI’ll do it right away(35.5%orDo it systematically (27.1%)SolidIs mainstreamIt turned out to be.

Homework for summer vacationI’ll do it right awayI answeredIs highest in elementary school (39.9%), by gradeLooking atespeciallySecond grade elementary schoolandteeth1 in 2(50.9%)Make a schedule firstDo it systematically ratioandprimary school studentsButhigh,Above all5th and 6th grades are the highest (5th grade: 35.6%, 6th grade 40.7%)To the result. On the other hand, among high school students, the largest number of respondents answered that they “do it in their spare time”, accounting for more than half (56.7%) of the total. Elementary school students are more likely to do their homework systematically in the upper grades, and as they get older, they are more likely to work in their spare time.[学齢別グラフは添付資料に掲載]

In addition, it was found that there are many people who “do it immediately” (46.2%) as a whole for their usual homework, and that “doing it systematically” tends to be less than their summer vacation homework (9.1%). rice field.

My usual homework isChildren’s85.4% Do your best.. 67.1% of summer vacation homeworkChildrenGet help from parentsing.

My usual homework isChild85.4% of the totalBut Do your bestAnswered.summerHomework for vacationaboutand67.1%WhenMost oftenCompared to my usual homeworkAbout 20%Less, It was found that the percentage of parents who helped / received increased (usually: 17.9%, summer vacation: 45.5%). By school age, more than half of the parents helped up to the fifth grade of elementary school, and in the third grade of high school, it decreased to only 11.1%.[学齢別グラフは添付資料に掲載]

However, parents do not always help children who cannot do their homework by looking at them, but there are many cases where parents and children enjoy working together as a summer vacation project, especially free research. , It is also obtained from the free answer described below.

My favorite homework is tablet learning (49.0%), and my weakness is reading (54.7%).

When I asked about the types of homework I like and don’t like during the summer vacation,One in two people study tablet at the top of their favorite homework (summer vacation homework: 4)9.0%)Did. Elementary school students (56.4%), junior high school students (45.3%), high school students (40.0%), and elementary school students who can be said to be the EdTech generation seem to be enjoying tablet learning.
On the other hand, reading (54.7%) had the highest percentage of respondents who answered that they were not good at homework, with elementary school students (51.2%), junior high school students (65.0%), and high school students (53.3%). I found that I was not good at it.

■ One in two works on free research during summer vacation・ Worked

When asked about free research during the summer vacation, about 40% (38.8%) of the respondents answered that they are working on free research as an essential homework for the summer vacation. And, when combined with the required and optional homework, it was found that more than half (52.7%) of the total did the independent study. By grade, 42.2% of sixth graders said they prefer independent studies to other homework during the summer vacation. However, it was found that the percentage of respondents who answered that they were doing their best because they did other homework than free study (elementary school students 8.6% / junior high school students 27.8% / high school students 23.3%) was found to be higher than junior high school students.[学齢別の自由研究に取り組んだ・取り組む回答者のグラフは添付資料に掲載]

Contents of independent studyabout(From free answer)
Elementary school 1st to 3rd grade:

Research on colors (what color would you get if you mix the colors of paints?) / Making games by programming / Collecting creatures in the Kaiyama River and summarizing them / I like railways, so I made an original route map / Created a savings box for corona vaccine fundraising for children in overseas regions who have not yet received it / Last year, we observed Dangomushi.I’m planning to observe ants this year / I like cats so I investigated the ancestors of cats

4th to 6th grade:

I went to Mt. Koya and researched Kukai / Last year I researched “Cat’s Beard” / Work using familiar materials (recycle) / Making paper from weeds / Visiting the Sewerage Bureau I made a free study based on the above / I investigated the life of the Taisho era as a trigger of the devilishness / Can salt be made from seawater?/ Creating a diorama of the city where you live / Experimenting “Can you make a boiled egg with the heat of the sun?”

Middle school students·high school student

Water stains. How clean is it by precipitating with activated carbon and chemicals / How to brew delicious green tea.Experiments such as the type, temperature, and amount of tea leaves were mixed and summarized in a report / I investigated how much the oxygen saturation decreased when I stopped breathing using a pulse oximeter / Until it cracked due to the difference in the concentration of the chabon liquid I checked the time / Reported the dog’s training / Searching for seagrass and marine garbage problem / Making a kick skater that does not fall / Plan to summarize “landfill and liquefaction phenomenon” / How to dry a wet textbook to return to the original / Reported how much the swelling of pancakes differs depending on what is mixed / Observation of semi-peeling / Making snacks in the world

From parents about how to decide the theme of free study for children’s summer vacation“I think the main purpose is to think about what to do and how to do it, so leave it to yourself.”(Parents in the lower grades of elementary school),“Propose what your child is most interested in right now as a theme of independent research and work together” (There was also a comment (parents of the lower grades of elementary school), and it was found that they want their children to develop their thinking ability, independence, and problem-solving ability through free research during the summer vacation.

Changes in children due to independent research(From free answer)

・ It seems that my friends enjoyed playing the work I made in the classroom, which gave me confidence. (Parents of 4th grade)
・ I was able to share time by working with my children. (Parents of third graders)
・ Since I am engaged in independent research not only during the summer vacation but also during the winter vacation, I think that I can work positively as the number of times increases. (Parents of first grade junior high school)
・ I am continuing my research, although it was not triggered by independent research. (Parents of 4th grade)

■ Parentsabout60% do not care about the amount of homework for both regular homework and summer vacation, but emphasize that “review can be done well” For the individuality of the childmatchedSome voices wanting homework

When asked about the amount of homework and summer vacation homework, more than half of the parents asked.I don’t care about the amount, but I want you to be able to review the day / semester firmly.(Usual homework: 63.3%, summer vacation homework: 57.6%). Parents who want to increase the amount of summer vacation homework are “I want you to give more to secure study time” (12.8%) and “I want you to give more to avoid playing too much” (9.7%) , “I want you to reduce it because it is compatible with cram schools and lessons” (9.1%) and “I want you to reduce it because it is difficult for children to work on it” (5.6%).

In the free answer,It is better not to have too many tasks so that you can spend time on tasks that you cannot usually do and review subjects that you are not good at.(Parents of third grade),Since the learning methods that each individual learns are different, I would like you to leave the method and amount to some extent.(Parents of 5th grade), etc.Overcome weaknesses and personalize each personmatchedBy the wayImprove academic abilityhomeworkThere was also a voice that wanted.

In this questionnaire, summer vacation homework includes not only overcoming weaknesses, securing study time, and making study habits, but also the “thinking power” and “power that children can do on their own” that can only be achieved by taking advantage of long vacations. It turns out that it is desired to nurture. The Motivation Switch Group offers summer classes and online events to enhance your child’s summer vacation, as well as programs useful for summer vacation homework and independent studies.

[Motivation Switch Group Summer Vacation Program]

Tutoring school “School IE ®”:This year’s “Made to Order Summer Course” is being held at more than 1,000 school IE classrooms nationwide until August 31st (Wednesday). The start date, number of days, number of subjects, etc. are all made to order. Corresponds to 5 major subjects of elementary and junior high school students and high school students. Details page URL:

Infant class “Child Eyes ®” for intellectual development (intellectual education) and exam preparation:For those who take it for the first time, “Summer Education Challenge” (IQ test 1 + 45 minutes lesson ✕ 3 times) and “Online trial education” (Trial education online) entitled “Summer special lessons to improve the thinking ability of child eyes” 45-minute online lesson ✕ 2 times) will be held until August 31st (Wednesday).
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[Attachment]Motivation Switch Group Parent-child questionnaire about homework and independent studies during summer vacation


*Motivation Switch Group Parent-Child Questionnaire on Homework and Independent Studies during Summer Vacation(Outline of implementation)

■ Survey target / method: Internet survey of parents of students attending motivation switch group schools
■ Survey period: July 15th (Friday) -July 20th (Wednesday), 2022
■ Research organization: Motivation switch group
■ Number of valid responses and attributes of respondents: 569 pairs, preschoolers to third-year high school students and their parents
■ School brand content to which students belong: School IE, Child Eyes, Kids Duo, WinBe, Ninja Nine, Kids Duo International, i Kids Star, Kids Duo Advanced, Thinking Lab, Programming Education HALLO

Motivation Switch Group Co., Ltd.

The Motivation Switch Group includes a tutoring school “School IE®”, an intellectual development (intellectual education) and exam preparation infant class “Child Eyes®”, an English / English conversation school for children “WinBe®”, and school children entrusted in English. Childcare “Kids Duo ®”, sports class for infants and elementary school students “Ninja Nine ®”, bilingual kindergarten “Kids Duo International ®” “i Kids Star ®” As a comprehensive education service company that develops seven school brands, we currently have more than 2,000 classrooms in Japan and overseas, supporting the learning of more than 120,000 children. In 2020, we launched new learning services such as “Programming Education HALLO®”, “English Mirai Lab Nomidai”, and “Thinking Ability Lab”.
The Motivation Switch Group supports the dreams and lives of children around the world by finding the “jewels” that each person has and drawing out their infinite possibilities. Official site URL:
The Motivation Switch Group is looking for franchise owners to work with us to help children learn. Franchise owner recruitment site URL:

【Attachment】Motivation Switch Group Parent-child questionnaire on summer vacation homework and independent studies(n=569

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