The majority of expatriates in Kuwait are Indians; A slight increase in the number of natives

Kuwait City: A small increase in the number of expatriates in Kuwait’s population. The total population of the country is close to half a crore. The majority of expatriates are Indians.

According to the Public Authority for Civil Information released yesterday, the total population of Kuwait is more than 47 lakhs. A small increase in the number of natives has been recorded in the population compared to previous years. With this, the number of Kuwaiti citizens has increased to fifteen lakh. The remaining 32 lakh are non-residents.

The population ratio is 69 percent expatriates and 31 percent Kuwaiti nationals. There has been no increase in the number of foreigners in the last two years. Meanwhile, the local media Al-Qabas reported that the number of children living in expatriate communities in the country has increased.

There are a total of 20.5 lakh workers in Kuwait, including natives and expatriates. 22 percent of them are Kuwaitis and the rest are foreigners. In the government sector, Kuwaiti nationals are the majority, but in the private sector, Kuwaiti nationals are in fourth place.


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