The Mall enters the ‘BITKUB M’ pop-up ‘BITKUB M’ digital people.

The Mall has entered the ‘BITKUB M’ pop-up, the digital community – accepting 7 crypto coins – digital community The first of Thailand

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The mall has a bit of a bit – Ms. Suphalak Umpuch, Executive Chairman of The Mall Group Co., Ltd., revealed that the latest joint venture with Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., a business group in digital assets and blockchain technology. And operate the cryptocurrency trading market through Bitkub online in the proportion of 50:50. Established Bitkub M Company Limited to manage Bitkub M Social (BITKUB M SOCIAL) area of ​​2,000 sq.m. m. Area 8-9 floor, Helix Quarter, Building A, The EmQuartier

Support digital community The first of Thailand to be the center of knowledge exchange, seminars and meetings in the digital economy Adaptation to the digital age Support in creating a body of knowledge for startups and young entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Economy) and is a meeting place for investors interested in investing in digital assets, both Thais. and foreigners It is a digital asset trading and exchange center, including NFT Gallery & Gaming, and will be brought into the world of METAVERSE in the future.

Mr. Jirayut Supsrisosopha, businessman, founder of Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd., said that the trend of the world with wealthy groups and new spending powers (New Wealth) with income from the industry. new technology group such as blockchain and digital assets or people who can work for big tech companies from all over the world.

These people can work anywhere without needing to go to the office. or a group of people Single, but having many skills and able to work for a variety of companies at the same time (Nano Entrerpreneur) This group of people have a lot of purchasing power and prefer to relax in a foreign country on vacation with work (Workation) and live in any country. a country for a longer period of time than the average tourist (Longer Term Stay).

If our country has a technology infrastructure (Technology Infastucture) with various sectors. That can support the needs and create convenience for this group of customers should help revitalize and add to the tourism value of Thailand after kovic in another way.

Ms. Woraluk Tulakorn, Chief Marketing Officer of The Mall Group Co., Ltd., added that As for the membership application, BITKUB M SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP yearly is divided into 3 categories: BITKUB M SOCIAL LUNAR, membership fee 12,000 baht, BITKUB M SOCIAL ZIRCON membership fee 20,000 baht and BITKUB M SOCIAL EMERALD membership fee 50,000 baht (invitation only).

Members will receive special privileges such as receiving trading credit up to 20,000 baht, attending investment seminars. Special for card members only, the right to receive special rewards such as Token or NFT Airdrop when meeting the conditions of the store. Get access to Bikub M Social Lounge, special discounts at the Blockchain Store and 5-10% discount benefits for purchases made by K Mall Group.

In addition, digital assets can be Seven cryptocurrencies, including BITCOIN, TETHER, ETHEREUM, STELLAR, XRP, BITKUB COIN and JFIN COIN, were exchanged for merchandise. or gift card Both the mall and the center without fee Between 1 Dec 2021 – 28 Feb 2022 and M CARD members use digital assets worth 100 baht to redeem 800 M POINT.


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