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The man who paid $ 28 million for space travel with Jeff Bezos has left the event

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Nevada City, First Published Jul 18, 2021, 8:15 AM IST

സ്വSpace travel is the equivalent. Not to mention the billionaire and Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos. However, the man who boarded the Blue Origin company’s inaugural space tourism flight turned it down. The 18-year-old physics student left the trip after paying $ 28 million through an auction.

Blue Origin announced that Oliver Demon will join the four-member Allcivilian crew instead of the flight scheduled for Tuesday. The name of the auction winner has not been announced. It is learned that the trip was canceled due to company scheduling inconsistencies. With this, Oliver Demon becomes the company’s first paid customer to fly into space.

After winning the auction due to a scheduling inconsistency, he won the fourth and last seat daemon in the space capsule. He said the offer came in a surprise phone call from Blue Origin last week. Those who went through the same experiments as NASA’s Mercury 7 astronauts in the 1960s are now going into space. This time only men are allowed.

The New Shepherd rocket will take off from West Texas in about 10 minutes. The founder of Amazon will become the second person to launch his own rocket into space in nine days, following Richard Branson of the Virgin Galactic. Blue Origin says the teen tourist is going on a second launch to pay customers.

But once the auction winner was out, the company implemented the idea of ​​flying the youngest people in space on the same plane. His undisclosed ticket costs will contribute to the charity, as $ 28 million raised in this way was distributed to various space education and advocacy groups this week, Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith said in a statement.

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