The market may green light ITTHI stocks to trade tomorrow – IPO price at 3.00 baht per share

#ITTHI #ThanHoon-The Market for Alternative Investments (May) announces the listing of Itthirit Nice Corporation Public Company Limited or ITTHI shares as a listed company. It is ready to be traded on the MAI stock exchange tomorrow (March 22), which sets the IPO price at 3.00 baht per share with a market capitalization at the IPO price of 810 million baht.

Mr. Praphan Charoenprawat, Market Manager for Alternative Investments (May) He disclosed that the May stock exchange welcomed Itthirit Nice Corporation Public Company Limited to be listed and started trading on May under the consumer products group. by using the stock trading abbreviation “ITTHI” on March 22, 2023

ITTHI operates as a distributor of electronic equipment. both lighting products and IET (Internet Every Thing) equipment for smart homes The Company outsources the production of lighting equipment in the form of bulbs, lamps and other fixtures for the Company to be a distributor under the trademark “LIGHTTRIO.” This accounted for 50 percent of revenue from the distribution of electronic devices. The remaining 50 percent is distributed under other leading brands. Most of the customers, more than 76 percent, are customers developing real estate projects.

In addition, ITTHI also operates the business of manufacturing and distributing disinfectant alcohol products under the trademark “UNION CLEAN”. and income from the production and distribution of disinfectant alcohol products and others about 98:2 percent

ITTHI has a post-offer paid-up capital of 135 million baht with a par value of 0.50 baht per share, consisting of 200 million existing ordinary shares and 70 million newly issued ordinary shares, offering individual and institutional investors back discretion of the underwriter 60. million shares, offered to the sponsors of the company 9 million shares and offered to the employees of the company 1 million shares on March 14-16, 2023 at a price of 3.00 baht per share, which is a total raising value money of 210 million baht IPO price 810 million baht

However, the decision of the IPO share offer price is derived from the Price to Earnings Ratio: P/E Ratio of 38.30 times, which is calculated from the net profit of the last 12 months (2022 period) which is equal to 21.15 million baht. Divided by the number of ordinary shares issued and paid up after this offering (fully diluted), the net profit per share is 0.08 baht, with UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited being financial adviser and Finansa Securities Limited is the guarantor and underwriter.

** Raising money to expand the business.

Thanaset Akraboonyapat Mr. CEO, Itthirit Nice Corporation Public Company Limited reveal that the company is committed to developing new innovations by aiming to be a leader in the lighting products business smart technology equipment to provide excellent service Make every place where the company’s products are the best place to live. save energy The atmosphere is beautiful and safe. The proceeds from the Company’s fundraising will be used as working capital for the Company’s normal business operations in order to create growth and good returns for shareholders.

The main shareholder of ITTHI after the IPO is the Akraboonyapat family. holds 73.33% of the shares and Mr Veerasak Khwanmongkolpong holds 0.74% of the shares The Company has a policy to pay dividends to shareholders at a rate of not less than 40% of the Company’s net profit each year after deducting taxes and legal reserve fund

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