The market recovered, pushing gem and jewelry exports for 11 months to grow by 26.69%.

GIT reveals gem and jewelry exports for 11 months of ’21, valued at $5,571.51 million, an increase of 26.69 percent due to the recovery of key markets. Keep an eye on the Omikron. how severe will it be Will each country tighten economic activities or not? Get ready for gems and jewelry fair Chanthaburi 3-7 Feb.65

Mr. Sumeth Prasongphongchai Director of the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) or GIT Exports of gems and jewelry, excluding gold in November 2021, were worth 636.97 million dollars, an increase of 24.77 percent.Total 11 months of 2021 (Jan.-Nov.) that does not include gold valued at $5,571.51 million, an increase of 26.69%. Including gold, it was worth $9,215.67 million, a decrease of 47.49%.

Factors that increased the export of gems and jewelry came fromMajor market recovery The United States, which is the number one export market, increased 53.26%, India, increased 59.91%, the United Kingdom, increased 137.02%, Japan, increased 7.77%, Belgium, increased 19.71%, Australia, increased 14.61%, the United Arab Emirates, increased 36.44%, Switzerland. Switzerland, up 75.99%, Hong Kong and Germany, down 0.68% and 2.49.%

Major products exported increased, such as silver jewelry, up 20.42%, gold jewelry, 34.81%, platinum jewelry, 58.03%, artificial jewelry, 8.10%, polished diamonds, 34.84%, polished hard gems, 36.88%, while polished soft gems, decreased 3.12%. While gold, which used to be a speculative export during the rising gold price, fell 72.29%.

Mr Sumet said GIT It is estimated that gems and jewelry exports in December 2021 which is the last month of the year should continue to improve because it is the Christmas and New Year season Therefore, the overall picture of exports for the year 2021 excluding gold will definitely expand positively. But exports in the year 2022 mustKeep an eye on the COVID-19 outbreak Omicron species especially in the US and European markets that have increased in severity. which must see what strict measures each country has to come out If there is a lockdown or limiting economic activities It may have an impact on the consumption of products in this group.

However GIT It plans to build confidence in being the world’s gem and jewelry manufacturing and trading center. to stimulate the demand for Thai products byThe event is scheduled for “Chanthaburi International Gem and Jewelry Festival” on February 3-7, 2021 at Chanthaburi Province. which will invite buyers, importers and tourists to shop There are online business matching negotiation activities. to stimulate exports In the event, there will be many products to be displayed, namely raw gemstones, polished gemstones, gemstones, gemstone raw materials, machinery, equipment, including various packaging. and Ploy Market, Srichan Road




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