The mayor of Sarajevo did not come to SFF: We mourn together –






Karić wrote on social networks:

“As the mayor of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have an obligation to think of people from the entire country, and today we are all particularly shaken and saddened by the monstrous murders in Gradačac.

Therefore, I will not be part of the SFF opening ceremony tonight.

Because of the sadness I feel in my heart, I cannot rejoice.

Tonight, as the mayor of Sarajevo, I want to draw attention to the increasingly common femicide and violence against women. Sarajevo mourns together with friends from Gradačac, your pain is our pain.

In the end, SFF was born in the darkest days of the siege and a much greater evil did not stop our love for film and art. Film was and remains our form of resistance. SFF will not and should not stop because of this present-day evil, but on the contrary, with its excellence, let it encourage the creation of new films that will raise the voice and awareness against the violence we are witnessing today and help us in the fight against this evil. prneosi n1

Sarajevo is the city of all of us!”, wrote Karić.

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