The Mayor of Yongsan-gu, who did not attend the ‘Measuring Meeting’ and did not open…

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Controversy over Park Yongsan-gu Mayor Hee-young continues to grow.

Parc Maer did not attend the related meeting held by Yongsan-gu before the Halloween event, and the countermeasure meeting that the mayor attended last year and last year did not take place.

Recently, it has been shown that they even avoid contact with the outside world.

Reporter Kim Hyun-ji reports.

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The document of the emergency response meeting held by the Yongsan-gu Office on the 27th of last month, two days before the Halloween event, was released.

Twelve department heads, including the Safety and Disaster Division and the Health and Hygiene Division, attended the meeting chaired by Yoo Seung-jae, Yongsan-gu’s deputy mayor.

Countermeasures have been planned for each department, such as disinfection for quarantine, facility security, noise control, and enforcement of illegal parking, but there are no measures related to large crowds.

Even Mayor Park Hee-young was not present.

Previously, in the joint public-private meeting held before Halloween in 2020 and 2021, the fire chief as well as the chief of Yongsan-gu at the time were present at the joint meeting, but the meeting was not held itself this year.

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“(At that time) It happened because there was a Corona thing, and in this case, it was mainly held at work level meetings in our ward office…”

However, it does not mean that there were no concerns about the Halloween crowd at the Yongsan-gu Office.

This was mentioned in an extended executive meeting on the 25th of last month, four days before the disaster.

[유승재/용산구 부구청장(지난달 25일)]

“There are a lot of people coming to the World Food Street, and safety is crucial above all else.”

At this time, Mayor Park only stayed for about 5 minutes and then left the meeting room and did not hear such a comment.

Although there were quite specific concerns, it did not lead to practical countermeasures, but Yoo Seung-jae, the deputy mayor of the coverage, said in a phone call with MBC, “We cannot contact the media because it is under investigation.”

Mayor Park, who has never attended a preparation meeting related to Halloween, said that he did not come out on the day of the disaster after returning to his home near Itaewon around 8 pm on the day of the disaster.

Mayor Park has not appeared in public events except for the National Assembly since the controversy arose, and the team of reporters visited him today, but were unable to meet him.

This is Kim Hyun-ji from MBC News.

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