The members of the hard candy girls incarnate as sweet messengers, the new song “Pull Me” MV is simultaneously hit

Original title: The MV of the new song “Pull Me”, the new song “Pull Me”, is broadcast simultaneously

A few days ago, five members of Hard Candy Girl 303, Xilin Nayi Gao, Zhao Yue, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zheng Naixin, and Liu Xiening, sang the promotion song “Pull Me” for the ten years of martial arts. . After the song and MV were first released, they quickly reached the top of the major music charts, and they also received unanimous praise and were loved by the public.

Xilin Nayi Gao, Zhao Yue, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zheng Naixin, Liu Xiening 303, five hard candy girls, are transformed into Shenwu 4 sweet messengers, bringing a new EDM POP electronic pop dance style “Pull Me” to the music scene, with a brand new difference Say the face again. This song was produced and distributed by Music Times and produced by Duoyi Network in good faith.

The song strongly invites the famous music producer Han Xingzhou (StarLand) to be the producer, and the super music production lineup is matched to bring a new music experience. The genre is mainly EDM, combined with POP elements to form a brand-new EDM POP electronic pop dance style. The playful girls unload the burden of busy modern urban life, and subtly incorporate the joy of fighting when playing games and the tacit understanding of teamwork into their singing. As the finishing touch of the song, “Pull Me” runs through from the beginning to the end, depicting the happy figure of the girls fighting side by side and experiencing the game. With their happy voices, they sang a happy story about teaming up and breaking through the three realms of Shenwu and Wu, and sent out an invitation to all the players to join the next ten years.

The song “Pull Me” sung by the five members of Hard Candy Girl 303 is very happy and lively and full of energy! This song describes the mental state of practicing side by side to take risks together. At the same time, this song, as a ten-year promotion of Shenwu, stands out with its high degree of recognition and sweetness. Together with Shenwu, the lyrics and melody are fresh in the memory and can be called the finishing touch.

Choosing to use such a happy EDM POP at the end of the year. Hard Candy Girl 303 members Xilin Nayi Gao, Zhao Yue, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zheng Naixin and Liu Xiening are also due to the cute and cute personality characteristics of this song. Develop a new field of sound. Comparing the description in the lyrics with the mentality of the current girls, this song was created after constant thinking about the heart. The picture is full.


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